Live broadcast of Biden’s UK trip-Joe choked in his speech to the army and said that he was meeting Putin “let him know what I want him to know”

Before the G7 summit, Joe Biden choked up while speaking to the army after landing at the Royal Air Force Mildenhall in Suffolk, England.

Looking back on his late son Bo’s military service, Biden also unabashedly threatened to Vladimir Putin As tensions between the United States and Russia escalated, he pointed out that he would “meet with Mr. Putin and let him know what I want him to know.”

The President of the United States is about to hold the G7 summit, the meeting with Queen Elizabeth, and of course the intense talks with Putin.

Biden A comprehensive bet has been set for his eight-day trip, and I believe that the West must publicly prove that it can be economically compatible with China When the world goes from Coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s top priority, he left on Wednesday to go to his first stop United KingdomTo make the world believe him Democratic Administration is not just a brief deviation from the trajectory of US foreign policy.

Many allies of the United States worry that under the predecessor, the United States has irreversibly turned to a more transactional prospect. President Donald Trump.

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  • Republican Essentials

    In order to weaken Biden’s vow against Vladimir Putin, House Republicans shared a video of him clearly praising the Russian leader.

    “President Biden just said that he would let Putin know’what I want him to know’.” This is when Biden praised Putin for restoring the’rule of law’ for Russia in 2002,” they wrote.

    As early as 2001, Biden had actually been criticizing Putin verbally. After the Bush-Putin summit in Slovenia in June 2001, he said: “I don’t trust Putin.”

    “Hopefully the president is stylized, not substantive,” Biden added, after George W. Bush called Putin “very straightforward and trustworthy.”

  • Russia bans anti-corruption activists

    On Wednesday night, a Moscow court declared the organization created by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to be illegal because Biden had done something against Vladimir Putin. Undisguised digging.

    It cited “extremist” tendencies as Russian authorities tried to suppress dissent and ban critics of the Kremlin from running for parliament in September.

    The ruling prevented personnel associated with the Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation and its network of regional offices throughout Russia from running for office.

    Many Navalny allies hope to run for parliamentary seats in the September 19 elections.

    For activists who collaborate with these organizations, donors, and even share their materials, extremism can be sentenced to long prison sentences.

    Putin critic Navalny was arrested after returning from Germany in January, where he spent five months recovering after being poisoned.

    He blamed the nerve agent attack on the Kremlin, where the officials were there.

    In February of this year, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for violating the probation clause for corruption offences in 2014, which he believes was politically motivated.

  • Little preparation

    During their transatlantic flight to the UK, Jill Biden posted a candid photo.

    Flotus said that a few hours before her RAF Mildenhall speech, she was “preparing for the G7.”

  • ‘Please note’

    In her speech, Jill Biden joked that her husband must concentrate before saying that he “always forgets that I am the president”.

    “Joe, pay attention,” Flotus said.

  • Biden speech

    Biden said in his speech: “This is a good start. When the United States is at its best, it is a force for good in the world.

    “I know very well that when the Russian government engages in harmful activities, the United States will respond in a powerful and meaningful way.”

  • “Basic” diplomacy

    Biden mentioned an Irish poet in his speech. He mentioned William Butler Yeats’s “Easter 1916”, in which there was a line: “Everything has changed, totally changed. “

    This poem mentions the Irish rebellion against British rule in 1916, which led to the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

    On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, a group of nationalists led by Patrick Pearse announced the establishment of the Republic of Ireland.

  • Emotional speech

    “To all your pilots and soldiers, I want to say thank you. We owe you. We are very proud of you,” Biden said, his voice changed.

    “Too proud. I just hope that my major is here to thank you, thank you for everything you have done.”

  • You want Putin

    Biden told the cheering crowd that he would let Vladimir know “what we need him to know”.

    He emphasized that he will support the rights of all.

    Speaking of the United States, he said that this country is based on the “idea” that “all men and women are born equal.”

    “As long as we stick to our values, no country can beat us,” he said.

  • Recite poems

    When Biden addressed the troops, he recalled John Milton’s poem “When I think about how my light is consumed.”

    He then admitted to spending thousands of hours to help people through the Covid-19 pandemic.

    “I have visited more than 100 countries,” he said. “This is my first visit as the President of the United States.”

  • ‘Duty phone’

    Biden praised the army for coming forward during the “Call of Duty.”

    He described military service as a “sacred duty” and recognized the incredible honor of being their commander-in-chief.

  • Clinton’s applause

    Just as Biden said “Come on, man” in his vivid speech and told the army that he was “very proud of them”, Hillary Clinton made a comment on Twitter.

    “This is a good start. When the United States is at its best, it is a force for good in the world,” Clinton tweeted.

  • Remember beauties

    In his RAF speech, Joe Biden choked up because he described his pride during the military promotion of his late son Bo before praising the British military base.

    “We have a lot of history at this base,” he continued. “I believe everyone here knows this history.”

    He pointed out that the base was bombed thousands of times during World War II, and pointed out that his uncle was killed in the war.

  • ‘Do not worry’

    Biden just told the crowd “I keep forgetting that I am the president.”

  • Biden on stage

    Joe Bi is on stage
  • Shared values

    “We will ensure that the families of our veterans…have everything they need to survive,” FLOTUS continued, describing the military as an organization “constrained by love.”

  • ‘Our World Ambassador’

    FLOTUS told the army’s family members that they are “as important as radar to our army”.

    Jill Biden praised the army and praised its patriotism: “When you serve, your family is also serving.”

    She called for the necessity of national security and said officials from the Royal Air Force Mildenhall understand this.

  • Jill comes to power

    “Joe and I are always happy to visit our troops and their families-you know you can sit down,” Jill Biden told the elated crowd.

  • Biden is coming

    Biden and his wife Hayf arrived at the Royal Air Force Base.

  • Common oath

    In his speech, the colonel described the Air Force as the “master of the air, network, and space.”

    He said: “On this transformation hanger is our family, because the family is the most important…this is a sacrificial education.”

    At this time, he introduced the Biden family.

  • Air Force Address

    Before Biden’s speech, a U.S. Air Force colonel delivered a touching speech to the crowd in the Royal Air Force Mildenhall.

    “Tonight, it’s a celebration for you,” he told the British army. “Except for some disagreements over the centuries, we have been on your side since 1785.”

  • Biden commented

    After landing in the UK, the President will address the British Army in the Royal Air Force Mildenhall.

    The US national anthem “Stars and Stripes” is playing.

  • Watch: Biden live broadcast

  • Stop it

    Sullivan said that after a series of cyber attacks, Biden will work with Putin to solve some problems.

    He cited a series of complex nuclear weapons issues affecting the two countries and concerns about Russia’s new nuclear system.

    “This is the starting point,” he added, adding that discussions on network issues are “to be determined.”

    He said that during the meeting between Biden and Putin, ransomware attacks would become “100%” the focus of contention.

    “They should be prosecuted… Every country should take action… and not harbour them in any way,” he added after the JBS and colonial pipeline attacks.

    We believe that REussia must take measures to deal with it,” Sullivan said. “I will not issue a threat…Any country that does not take action must consider the actions of the United States. “

    Sullivan said that this is a “global” issue, not limited to the United States.

  • Assistant boarding

    Boarding Air Force One earlier today, press secretary Jen Psaki and national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that he expected “convergence” in terms of vaccines and “shared doses.”

    “I didn’t see any conflict,” Sullivan said. “I have seen a united effort.”

  • White House Statement

    Meghan Hays, the White House news planning director, issued a statement when the US President landed on British territory today.

    “Air Force One has fallen overseas @POTUS Started his first trip abroad as president,” she captioned the video of his landing.

    “Be sure to keep up next week because @POTUS Remind the world that America is back and ready to lead with our allies again. “

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