Learn more about the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles season

The 2021 NFL season is approaching, and it’s time to start looking forward to the prospects of the Eagles. The Philadelphia team ended in an incredibly disappointing game, but one of the highlights of their last place result was that they got the easiest schedule in the division.

In fact, they have one of the simplest timetables, during which time this may bring them tempting NFL odds. For the first time ever, with 17 games, it’s time to learn more about the Eagles’ schedule and their performance at the end of the season.

An easy path

When you rank according to your opponent’s winning percentage in 2020, the Eagles’ schedule is the easiest in the entire league. Their opponents this season had only 0.430 winning percentage last year. Part of it was the six games against the NFC East team, who were obviously very poor last season.

Either way, for Jalen Hurts, this is a dream scenario for a critical development year. In particular, they will perform a lot of soft defense.Playing against teams such as the Falcons, Lions, Jets, Panthers, and Cowboys (twice) should help boost Hutts’ confidence and make them an attractive team NFL Draft.

Although this is an enviable road in general, it does not mean that it will be full of sunshine and roses…

The first month is cruel

Perhaps unfortunately for the Hawks, their schedule is ahead in terms of difficulty, which means things may get worse before they get better. Momentum is very important in the NFL, and if they start to slow down, things may snowball.

Their first four games were against the Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys and Chiefs. Considering that they are moving in the direction of rebuilding, the Falcons may be a good starting point, but if the first game does not go according to plan, then things really start to become ugly. Two years ago, the 49ers participated in the Super Bowl, and then got injured in 2020, it should be hot again. The Cowboys should be much better than last year, Dark Prescott is back, and the Chiefs are, well, they are the Chiefs. After playing against the Panthers in Week 5, they will quickly switch to the defending champion Pirates in the Thursday night football match in Week 6.

After that, the situation has eased, but for coach Nick Siriani, starting the season with 1-5 or 2-4 seems to be a very obvious possibility.

It should be smooth sailing at home

On the other hand, if the Hawks can weather that storm soon, they can enter the playoffs later this year. After the 11th week of the game against the Saints, things really started to get better. Philadelphia suffered a tragic draw in the terrible round of the 14th round, but they couldn’t complain too much in the second half.

Their last six games were against the Giants, Jets, Washington, Giants, Washington and Dallas. It is very interesting that the NFL gave them five division games in the last six games, but given the state of the NFC East, all these games will be won.

Three of their last four games are at home, which is a good choice.

Bottom line

All in all, things for the Hawks this year are not as easy as your opponent’s collective winning percentage would have you believe.

They certainly don’t have the easiest schedule in the entire league, because many of their opponents plan to be better than last year. Goodbye in Week 14 was difficult, especially when they struggled halfway through the season and needed to reset sooner.

But they are going to compete in November and December, and they can promote the division very quickly, because all these NFC East games are at the end.The Hawks’ total victory is set at 6.5 by Vegas, if I want NFL prediction, Their relatively weak schedule makes me inclined to end. I think this team is capable of eight victories, especially considering this is a 17-game season.

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