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The pragmatic Virgo is not afraid to do what is necessary, nor is he afraid of hitting hard. This time Jupiter is retrograde, and you will enjoy the challenges you encounter because they will make you break the norm.


You may find it difficult to maintain full balance during this Jupiter retrograde, but try to see this season as an exciting opportunity to learn and improve yourself. You will spend these months peacefully and gracefully.


You are the kind of person who is determined to thrive no matter what difficulties you encounter. This time Jupiter is retrograde, you will find yourself deeper than usual-just don’t forget to check your loved ones, because they may be an important source of support.


The challenges this Jupiter retrograde season presents to you are likely to play to your advantage. Use this time to help you move forward instead of getting too slow. At the same time, invite reflection and find opportunities to expand your self-awareness.


This time Jupiter is retrograde, and you are likely to find strength in your resilience. This reflection will provide a perfect time to check your goals and make new plans if necessary.


You may find it challenging to deal with the new emotions that emerged during Jupiter’s retrograde period. You will be able to rely on your own intelligence, but please be aware that other people may not think as clearly as you.


This time Jupiter retrograde brings great potential for creativity and dreams. You may find that new ideas are easy to emerge. At the same time, if you don’t keep going, you may feel frustrated, so try to show patience during this retrograde season.

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