Celebrating small businesses that were inspired and thriving during the pandemic

However, when they were initially forced to close down, Jenée and Turquoise knew they had to move quickly to pay the mortgage and keep Lavish running, while also providing customers with the products and services they needed.

They devised a strategy to bottle, pack and distribute hair growth essence for local customers. They fill out orders in the closed salon every day and arrange several pick-up days every week.

This strategy was so successful that they developed complementary household products and transformed their business from a local salon to a successful retailer, with customers as far away as Texas and California.

Little goat coffee roasting

COVID-19 pandemic It turns out that this is a turning point Joe Lins and Olivia Brinton, owners of Little Goat Coffee Roasting.

After the start little goat In 2017, they saved two dollars in a local framer market, which they have become accustomed to.

Therefore, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced Joe and Olivia to close their over-the-counter retail business in Newark, Delaware, for six weeks, they switched to wholesale imported and roasted coffee beans to local supermarkets and established electronic A website where the business sells beans directly to consumers.

These changes in daily operations help pay for expenses and avoid firing employees who help complete online orders.

When we were able to reopen, Little Goat’s small interior space could not serve customers, so they opened order and pick-up windows. These windows have proven to be so popular and successful that they have become the main business of Little Goat. Part.

Anna Marie’s place

After 26 years in business in Royersford, Pennsylvania, Annamarie Chestnut knew that when a pandemic hits, she must prioritize two things: Her team and her community.

Limited-WSFS-Annamarie's Place

Anna Marie’s place

Her team wants to work, so Anna Marie’s place Quickly transform from a breakfast and lunch place to a takeaway restaurant that provides all meals. Annamarie’s had never served dinner before, so buying food and supplies from other restaurants that were not open helped them recoup some of the money.

With such a rapid change, Annamarie “flying blindly” when ordering food quantities, but also knows that the local family needs it, so any food that is about to expire will be sent out.

Annamarie’s team also co-created a Facebook coupon event, which introduced restaurants and other companies that can keep open and provide services to customers, and adopt a “one-and-for-all” approach to respond to the pandemic, once a day.

Maximum fitness

Limited-WSFS-Max Fitness

Maximum fitness

Eric Hailey feels COVID-19 Will affect his business, The greatest fitness is in the mountains. Laurel, New Jersey, even before the suspension order took effect. Two weeks ago, he started recording a “One Weight Workout” video for clients so they can stay in shape when his fitness center is closed.

When his company was forced to close its physical stores, Eric was ready.He encourages customers to come Maximum fitness, To maintain social distancing, borrow dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment to complete their “One Weight Workouts” at home, helped the video to achieve great success, and created a new online community of Max Fitness customers and fans.

Eric continues to make “One Weight Workout” videos for his clients every day. These clients are not ready to go back to the gym but want to keep working out and stay in touch with the Max Fitness community.

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