Biden’s UK tour live-Joe leaves to participate in G7, Queen Elizabeth meets with Putin after the prank “impeachment” video shared online

Joe Biden will leave the United States and begin his first international visit as president, including the Group of Seven, a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, and intense talks with Vladimir Putin.

Biden has set a bet for his eight-day trip, believing that the West must publicly prove that it can compete with it financially. China When the world goes from Coronavirus pandemic.

This trip will be more about information delivery than specific actions or transactions.

The most important priority Biden, He set off for his first stop on Wednesday United KingdomTo make the world believe him Democratic The government is not just a brief deviation from the trajectory of US foreign policy. Many allies worry that this deviation will irreversibly shift to the more transactional prospects of the predecessor. President Donald Trump.

National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said: “The core of this visit will advance the basic thrust of Joe Biden’s foreign policy to unite the world’s democracies to meet the great challenges of our time.”

During the president’s visit, a false and misleading video was widely circulated on the Internet, suggesting that he has been impeached.

The clip is marked as a prank The Poynter Institute’s PolitiFact website, Also considered misleading Facebook Because it continues to struggle with misinformation shared on the platform.

  • Is Joe Biden in the army?

    President Biden did not join the army, nor did he participate in the war.

    While studying law at the University of Delaware and Syracuse University, he was postponed five times by students due to medical abnormalities during his undergraduate studies.

    In a physical assessment in April 1968, he was classified as IY, which meant that he could only be drafted into the army in a national emergency.

    During Biden’s Obama administration as vice president, a spokesperson said that Biden did not hold office because he was “disqualified from military service because of his teenage asthma.”

    Although it is common for the President of the United States to have military experience, former President Donald Trump did not serve in the military.

  • Biden leaves Joint Base Andrews

    The President of the United States is scheduled to leave Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday morning.

    He will be accompanied by his wife, First Lady Jill Biden.

    They plan to leave the base at 8:30 am Eastern Time.

  • White House News Charter postponed due to cicada issue

    Due to “mechanical issues related to cicadas,” the press charter of the White House’s European trip has been postponed.

    According to CNN’s Katelan Collins, this meant that the flight was “delayed for several hours.”

    It is not clear when these issues were resolved.

  • U.S. President and Putin talk about cyberattacks

    The summit meeting between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16 was the culmination of this visit. This was a direct proposal to Putin about the US ransomware attack against Russia, Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine, and An opportunity for worries about a host of other issues.

    This is the first time the two have met since Biden assumed the presidency of the United States.

    President Putin had previously established friendly relations with the 45th President Donald Trump.

  • Biden tells the Washington Post what this trip means to him

    Biden’s upcoming trip to Europe is a test of the Democratic president’s management and repair of relations with major allies who were disappointed with the then President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs and withdrawal from international treaties.

    In an opinion piece published by the Washington Post, Biden said: “Can the democratic coalitions and institutions that have shaped most of the last century prove that they are capable of fighting modern threats and adversaries? I believe the answer is yes.”

    “In Europe this week, we have the opportunity to prove it.

  • National Security Advisor talks about Biden’s trip

    At a press conference on Tuesday, Biden’s national security adviser Jack Sullivan talked about the president’s upcoming trip to Europe.

    Sullivan said: “So, as we all know, President Biden will travel to Europe this week during his first foreign visit during his presidency-certainly not his first foreign visit, but the first as the President of the United States. One visit.”

    “The core of this visit is to advance the basic thrust of Joe Biden’s foreign policy: to unite the world’s democracies to meet the great challenges of our time.”

  • Biden said the trip was about “fulfilling a new promise to allies”

    President Biden said on Twitter on Tuesday evening that his trip to Europe was to “fulfil the new promise of the United States to our allies.”

    Biden said on Twitter: “Tomorrow, I will leave for Europe. This is my first trip abroad since I became president.”

    “This trip is to fulfill the new U.S. commitment to our allies and to prove that democracies can not only meet the challenges, but also deter the threats of this new era.”

  • Queen Elizabeth will be president at Windsor Castle

    The British monarch spends most of his time in Windsor. Windsor is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. Located in West London, it is also the venue for the 2018 wedding of her grandson Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan.

    In the same year, the Queen received former President Donald Trump at the castle, and Barack Obama also visited her in 2016, the day after her 90th birthday.

  • Biden will face Putin next week

    Biden will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin next Wednesday. This is Biden’s first face-to-face meeting since he took office.

    White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said on Monday that it is unclear whether the two leaders will hold a joint press conference after the meeting.

  • Biden will hold private meeting with Turkish President

    On June 14, Biden will meet with NATO leaders and have a private meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

    Then he will hold more NATO meetings and then fly to Geneva on the evening of June 15.

  • The President will meet with Queen Elizabeth this weekend

    On Sunday, Joe Biden and his wife Jill will meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

    Biden will become the 13th American president the 95-year-old monarch meets during her record-breaking reign. This will be her first such important engagement since the death of her husband Prince Philip in April.

  • Three days of the G7 summit

    Biden will participate in the three-day G7 summit starting from Friday, working on US policy priorities, such as the economy and unity of allies.

    On Saturday, the president will hold bilateral talks with other leaders.

    On Sunday, he will end the meeting at the event and then head to Windsor Castle.

  • Biden meets Boris tomorrow

    Just one day after he flew to the UK, Biden will meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday.

    Biden will meet with the Prime Minister in Cornwall, the site of the G7 summit, to reiterate the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • President’s European calendar announced

    Today, Biden and his wife Jill left Washington.

    Their first stop in the UK will be the Royal Air Force Mildenhall to greet the U.S. Air Force personnel stationed there.

    Mildenhall is home to the 100th Air Refueling Wing, the only permanent U.S. Air Force Air Refueling Wing in the European theater.

  • Biden went abroad for the first time

    Biden’s first visit as president will begin on Wednesday and will include the G7 rich nations rally, NATO summit, meeting with EU leaders on the seashore of southwest England, and then with his Russian rivals and rivals in Geneva. Vladimir Putin.

    The President will leave the United States this morning from 8 am to 8:10 am Eastern Time.

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