Trolley Car Café will be closed at the end of June

The Trolley Car Café in East Falls is about to close, and real estate developer Ken Weinstein said that this marked the end of his decades in the restaurant industry.

Popular restaurants will be permanently closed on June 30, Weinstein Said in a message shared on the restaurant website on Tuesday And social media accounts. He stated that the restaurant “is not immune to the economic pressure caused by the closure of COVID-19.”

“I am very proud of my hard-working employees and thank Trolley Car Café General Manager Jasmine Fields for his leadership,” Weinstein said. “I am particularly proud that Café continues to provide takeaway and outdoor dining services to our community during the challenging pandemic.”

Weinstein said that the restaurant will provide bonuses for employees who stay until the end of the month, as well as help employees find new jobs in other restaurants and coffee shops.

He said that Weinstein will leave the catering industry and will work towards developing some local non-profit programs.

Weinstein said: “I have hope for the future of the Philadelphia restaurant industry, but the pandemic helped me realize that it is time to transition from the hospitality industry and focus my attention entirely on reinvesting in our community.

Weinstein’s real estate company Philly Office Retail is “actively looking for a new high-quality restaurant” to enter the space.

Today, Ken Weinstein, the owner of Trolley Car Café, issued the following statement announcing the closure of Trolley Car Café…

Publisher Trolley cafe on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

This restaurant opened in 2010 and is located between Ridge Avenue and Kelly Drive in East Falls, in an old pool house called The Bathey at 3269 S. Ferry Road. The space was leased to Weinstein in 2009 and transformed into a restaurant, welcome center and bicycle rental shop.

This restaurant is located along Fairmont Park and the Schuylkill River Trail. Be described as “The modern turn of the tram with the theme of the 1950s.” This restaurant prides itself on its healthy fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trolley Car Café also uses its Work in the local communityThe restaurant helped local organizations raise funds for various reasons, supervised a project that provided grants to local public school teachers, and established a non-profit table tennis club.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants in the area opened at full capacity for the first time, and the Trolley Car Café was permanently closed. However, this is the latest in a series of closures of Weinstein’s popular restaurants in Philadelphia.

Cresheim Cottage Cafe opened in Mount Airy in 1996. Closed in 2009. Trolley Car Diner opened in Mount Airy in 2000, and then Closed permanently In 2019. University Town Tram Station After being closed Only open for seven months. This space is now home Renata’s Kitchen.

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