The National Fallen Officers Foundation provides support to San Diego detectives killed in crashes in the wrong direction

San Diego-Support for the two San Diego police detectives who were killed in a crash in the wrong direction last Friday continues to pour in, not only at home, but across the country.

There are many charities and groups dedicated to helping the families of the fallen officers. The National Fallen Officers Foundation started in Texas, but has been committed to expanding and contributing to families across the country.

“These agencies are swearing, but the whole country is swearing. Everyone is beginning to feel sad for the driver who took these two men in a meaningless wrong way.”

Ron Leonard is a volunteer pastor of the National Fallen Officers Foundation. He is dedicated to helping the families of the police killed and his trauma coping dog Molly.

Recently, Leonard heard about San Diego police detectives Ryan Parker and Jamie Huntley Parker who were hit and killed by a speeding retrograde driver on the I-5 in San Ysidro.

“They are following up on the case they are working on. This is not unique to us. Even on your day off, you are still doing work. We know that Ryan is on standby for homicide,” San Diego Police Chief David Nislet Nisleit) said.

The Fallen Officers Foundation raises funds on its website and then writes checks directly to the fallen officers’ immediate family members.

“I know that San Diego has a great pastor program with the San Diego Police Department and their fire department, so they will contact them normally, so we almost only want to help financially, but when we reach the smaller institutions We really try to reach out and help them emotionally through their difficulties,” Leonard said.

The community can donate money through the National Fallen Officers Foundation website, and the San Diego Police Association also conducts local fundraising activities.

The San Diego Police Department said it has not arranged funerals for Parker and Huntley Park.

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