The idea that the EU ban on British sausages is vital to Irish peace is a joke

Forked tongue

For years, the EU has tried to “weaponize” Northern Ireland to prevent Brexit.

The excuse is to maintain peace. .. Avoid throwing hard boundaries at all costs. Yes, it almost unilaterally erected the same hard border in January of last year, making a hissing noise when it jabs.


The idea that the EU ban on British sausages is vital to Irish peace is a jokeCredit: Alami

Brussels’ goal now is Ban the sale of fresh British meat in the province.

Forcing us to adopt EU food standards and jeopardizing our other trade agreements is a blatant trick.

Yes, in order to resolve the Brexit issue, an agreement to manage the new arrangements for Northern Ireland was hurriedly signed. Boris did underestimate the stinginess of Brussels.

But now a compromise must be found to avoid a trade war.

The EU must overcome its Brexit Hurt, show more flexibility and less combativeness.

It must recognize British food standards, which will always be at least as good as our membership.

Our government will not reject British shoppers in Northern Ireland.

It is a joke to think that the EU’s criticism of them is essential to Ireland’s peace.

Let us free

Boris Johnson must get Britain back to work.

He must announce a full reopening of the economy next Monday June 21 And ending social distancing so that all workplaces can function normally.

Boris must get Britain back to work on June 21


Boris must get Britain back to work on June 21Credit: Agence France-Presse

Too many people seem to believe that it will not do any harm to postpone it again until the rise in the number of infections can be subdued. But the country loses billions of dollars every week.

The new cases are mainly those who are young enough not to get seriously ill. Almost all vulnerable people were stabbed. The number of people in hospital is very small, let alone death.

Complacency is universal. Some people who work at home deceive themselves, they are as efficient as they are in the office and do not want to come back. Millions of people who are still on vacation now think this is normal. None of them are sustainable.

The UK is ready for the post-Covid boom.

Ignore the fearmonger, Boris, let’s continue.

Net loss

Does the Prime Minister think that his “net zero” revolution will happen by magic?

Will his arbitrary deadlines and grand announcements come true? In fact, they threaten the severe economic suffering of millions of people.

The sun has been fighting for a greener planet


The sun has been fighting for a greener planet

The sun is fighting for a greener planet.

But Boris announced before the G7 summit that Cornwall will become the first county to achieve zero emissions, which is all well and good.

Did anyone tell it What does this actually mean?

Unaffordable battery cars can only travel short distances. Punitive gas bills. Their reliable central heating system was dismantled and replaced at their expense.

Don’t impose all of this on Britain, Prime Minister. You must bring voters.

If you make them poorer, expect a high fever.

Inside the Carbis Bay Hotel where the world leaders of the G7 summit will be held this week

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