The 76ers focused on defensive adjustments in the second game to slow Treyang

You don’t have to study the tape carefully to understand exactly what went wrong with Philadelphia’s first defeat on Sunday. Atlanta’s Tre Young did whatever he wanted in the opening 24 minutes, scoring 35 points, 10 assists and defeating the 76ers in the Philadelphia game. Find a way to slow down Yang, and you still have a long way to go for the series night before moving to Atlanta later this week.

No one has a clearer understanding of what went wrong than Danny Green. Danny Green spent most of his time on the court with Young, which annoyed the 76ers everywhere. He will be the first to tell you how big the challenge of this task is. Yang brings the effective combination of technology and sales skills to the table, leaving the defenders (and officials) in trouble.

“The difficult part is, as a defender, when you cross the screen, you want to feel this guy and get into his body.” Green said after the team film meeting on Monday. “It helps you cross the screen instead of [hit] The screener, so that he can’t cover you too much, and at the same time, let the attacker not directly leave the screen side by side when you can’t enter his body. Obviously, he will sign a contract, make a foul, stop, jump back, and foul no matter what he does. You have to use him more, which allows him to run more freely, so it is difficult for anyone to defend anyone in this way. “

In the 48 hours after the failure, the difficulty of walking this line has been a major topic for the 76ers. They were not completely out of the ordinary because they attracted attention-the 76ers lost a challenge in the third quarter on Sunday, which seemed to be an easy comeback, and Yang Yin tried his best to push Matisse Sebull away. Earn rewards. Earlier in the second half, Ben Simmons made two quick fouls when he accepted Yang’s task, which made him doubt after the game whether the referee really allowed him to take advantage of his size.Whether they did enough to attract the attention of officials or fined it is difficult to say, but at least, Philadelphia is test Present their case in any necessary way.

“In general, I don’t think you should be punished for being a good defender, able to be 6 feet 10 points” and surpass the pick,” Rivers added on Monday, lobbying for more on Sunday After the loose whistle. “When a guy who is 6’10” or 6’9′ crosses the draft, he enters the body, which looks physical, but it is legal. You know, so you always Should not be punished for this.”

However, playing politics will not stop Yang. The 76ers realized on Sunday that their own strategy had failed, so much so that they changed the situation at halftime and sent more bodies and different eyes to look at Yang in an attempt to get him off balance. They need more in the second game.

One aspect of Rivers that made Green personally responsible after the game was that during the game, Young decided to refuse screens in the pick-and-roll and took Green personally. When Young came to the corner and dropped floats in Philadelphia, there were some schematic problems to blame. not like this:

“It’s all body positions,” Rivers said Monday. “Once you choose pick-and-roll coverage, you have to take your people to the pick-and-roll position. It’s that simple. It’s not difficult, we have to do this. If we want Trey to be able to do both the pick-and-roll and the pick-and-roll, we all meet In trouble. This is discipline. We all know, and Danny also knows, it’s not just Danny, this happened to a few people, so this can’t happen, that’s for sure. “

Whether the public accepts this explanation-or complaints to the referee-is another matter. Green’s whole thing should be to bring the fundamentals and veteran Savi to the table. He didn’t have enough legs or length to win the last-second recovery, and he rarely even gave himself a chance to try one of them in the first game. This is why many people ask for a conversion (perhaps a lineup conversion) to make others Young in the second game.’s game statistics paint an ugly picture in terms of its reliability as a defensive barometer:

Guard Young data
Danny Green (25.63 rounds) 19 points 5/9 shooting (7/7 FT), 4 assists, 2 turnovers
Matisse Thybulle (8.00 property) 11 points 4/6 shooting (2/2 FT), 1 assist, 0 turnovers
Ben Simmons (5.84 possessions) 0/1 field goal score (0/0 FT), 0 assists, 0 turnovers

This is an incomplete data set, be clear. Simmons got the aforementioned foul in the third quarter, and Rivers has been talking about the dangers of making him the best opponent player from the beginning to bring this home. If Simmons can’t stay on the court due to foul problems, sooner or later they will fall into a compromise situation.

“We like Trey’s Ben, we don’t like him the whole game,” Rivers said on Monday. “Trey did a good job at making fouls, so we have to be careful. Some of him got fouled, some Trey sold very well. So, you know, listen, if Ben is allowed to defend him, then yes, I totally Yes. Then Ben must do well to him.”

Whether it’s Rivers’ shyness or his actual reflection on the matter, we can only be sure when we see the Philadelphia team line up on Tuesday’s first defensive possession. The person in charge said that Rivers would stick to his gun and start the second game with Green. This won’t be a welcome move, but it has to do with how Rivers deploys his players throughout the season.Simmons was closer to the 76ers on defense in the second half, and he barely even played. that The role in the first game. The playoffs are about adjustments, but you don’t want to dump the baby and bath water together.

“Just don’t panic,” Green said when asked how to divide bad performance. “If a person scores, it will not be 6-10. The score is 100 to 100 points for a reason. People will score, so if a person scores, don’t panic, say oh, we need to change this, we need to change that. We lose A game, which is why this is a series…let these people know that we are obviously not where we want to be, but we are okay. There are still a lot of basketballs played. There is a lot left. We can Turn the situation around.”

Management boss

After the first game, Joel Embiid sounded like a man who succumbed to fate, rather than someone who was inspired by injury in the first game. The situation may be better, but it may also be worse. Embiid’s current focus is to do everything he can to bring this team to the land it deserves.

In the end, after the opening defeat, some people questioned whether Embiid’s health (or lack of health) affected their preparations to start the game. This is a fair question-it makes sense to have Embiid back to the rim to reduce knee wear early in the series.But Rivers would not use this as an excuse to explain their settings, just that he When things entered contention mode at the end of the fourth quarter, he was very worried about Embiid.

Fair enough, but in the second game against the Eagles, the 76ers will almost certainly have higher (and stronger) coverage. Assuming he plays, will the 76ers worry about Embiid? Rivers won’t go that far, but he knows that the 76ers will meet a limit sooner or later.

“I like it, but I don’t like it for games, do you know? The last time you have the ball? Yes,” Rivers said on Monday. “Coming out of a timeout? Yes. The whole game? No. Too many demands of Joel.”

We will soon discover what Rivers (and Embiid) think is too much. Philadelphia continues to evaluate him on a daily basis and is likely to do so for the remainder of the playoffs.

About that full bench unit

When asked what he saw from the full bench in the first game, Rivers was not ambivalent.

“Nothing,” Rivers said. “Really, really. I think their unit ran what they wanted to run, we didn’t run what we wanted to run. To be honest, we lacked discipline in how we attacked throughout the game, two units. But that unit can Get better. We obviously have Tobias or Ben with that unit in most cases. Last night, we didn’t go early because we extended their playing time because we were too low. But that unit even though it’s itself There must also be a better execution unit. I think they made three or four mistakes during that period. Those things are impossible.”

It doesn’t sound like someone who avoids full bench units altogether. stay tuned.

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