Temple Hospital was rated as the most racially inclusive hospital in Pennsylvania and one of the best hospitals in the United States

Temple University Hospital was rated as the most racially inclusive hospital in Pennsylvania, and was ranked among the top 20 most inclusive hospitals in the United States by the Lown Institute.

The Lown Institute, a non-partisan think tank, examined the success of more than 3,200 hospitals across the country in serving people of color.

“Temple University Hospital plays an important role as a leading healthcare provider in one of the country’s most underserved communities,” Said Michael A. Young, President and CEO of Temple University Medical Systems“This recognition is a testament to the indomitable efforts of all Tianpu people who strive to provide the highest level of care for everyone every day.”

The Lorne Institute specifically studied how well the hospital’s medical insurance patients match the demographic data of the surrounding area. Hospitals that underserved communities of color are rated lower.

This Second highest ranking The Racial Inclusive Hospital of Pennsylvania is the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Only two hospitals in Keystone State entered the bottom 50: Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center and Bryn Mawr Hospital.

New Jersey has 5 medical centers in the top 50 and 7 in the bottom 50, including Inspira Medical Center Woodbury.

The institute also found that some of the most racially tolerant American hospitals are located in the same city, sometimes several blocks away.

Philadelphia is one of them Top 10 most quarantined hospital systemsKeeping pace with cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Manhattan.

“When the country considers racial injustice, we cannot ignore our health system,” Say Dr. Vikas Saini, Director of the Lorne Institute. “Hospital leaders have the responsibility to better serve people of color and create a fairer future. “

Among the top 50 most inclusive hospitals, people of color account for approximately 61% of patients. The average ratio of the bottom 50 hospitals is 17%.

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