“No one believes in us”: Canadians have a familiar feeling in their incredible running

The Montreal Canadiens lacked offensive star power. Their budding snipers and organizers – Nick Suzuki (21), Jesperry Kotkaniemi (20) and Cole Caulfield (20) – can be said for playoff hockey Too young and inexperienced.

The rough Corey Perry (36), Eric Starr (36) and captain Shay Webber (35) are in the late stages of their careers. Goalkeeper Kyrie Price-the future Hockey Hall of Fame member-is going through an unstable regular season with a save rate of 0.901.

It turns out that these are not important. The Canadians were the last National Hockey League team to win a playoff spot and the first team to enter the Stanley Cup semi-finals.

“It feels like no one believes us,” the jubilant Taylor Tofrey said on Monday, as he beat the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 in four games in the Northern Division finals and scored overtime. Championship.

2,500 people who entered the Bell Center under strict COVID-19 public health restrictions “Become Become! To commemorate their heroes.

“The only people we have are ourselves and our fans — obviously, the number of fans in the building is very small, it sounds much more than before — behind us and our friends and family,” Toffoli said. “We are united together. We are united, we win the game and have fun.”

Watch | Habs’ Tofffoli wins the series title in OT to defeat Jets:

Montreal defeated Winnipeg 3-2, Tyler Tofrey’s overtime winner. The Canadians swept the second round of the playoffs in four consecutive games. 2:30

Habs is on the verge of elimination

Who could predict this 12 days ago, when the Canadians trailed the Toronto Maple Leafs by a score of 3-1 and were on the verge of being eliminated.

Since then, they have won seven consecutive victories and eliminated Leafs and Jets all the way.

The last time the Canadians won the Stanley Cup was in 1993. It was a familiar feeling: an excellent goalkeeper, a tough game, and a timely score.

Price is consistent with ice hockey, aggressive on his crease lips, looking a lot like the goalkeeper who supported the Canadian team to win the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. In 11 playoff games, Price’s average number of goals scored 1.97 and save rate was 0.935

“You just need to give all the credit to them,” said Winnipeg Captain Blake Wheeler. “With their goalkeeper, any failure, he will put out those fires. We just can’t get the first goal. We just can’t finish all the series. This happens to be in their hands.

“If we can find a way to score the first goal, it might be a different series, but we don’t. You just have to give them too much trust. Their performance now is incredible.”

On the offensive end, the Canadians scored by a committee led by Tolfoli, Suzuki, Joel Amia, Starr and Perry.

On the defensive side, Webber and the Canadians defeated the Jets in front of the net and offset Winnipeg’s offensive firepower.

“There are so many people there,” Weber said of the Montreal dressing room. “This is translated on ice. Everyone is doing their job, and there is a specific job they should do on ice. This is also part of it.

“But I think everyone plays for each other and does the right thing for their teammates.”

Colorado or Vegas

The next for the Canadians: Colorado Avalanche or Vegas Golden Cavaliers. The two strong teams reached a deadlock 2-2 in the second round of the series.

No matter which team advances, the Canadians will once again be at a disadvantage.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” interim head coach Dominique Ducharme said. “Our goal is not to stop here. If we want to reach our goal, we need to beat the best team.”

Center Phillip Danault was born in Victoriaville, Quebec, just three months before the Canadians won the Stanley Cup 28 years ago.

“I have always dreamed of bringing it back to Montreal one day,” Danno said. “I think this is our opportunity.”

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