Major Internet outages briefly hit multiple websites, including Reddit, Amazon, and The New York Times

After a widespread outage related to the US cloud company Fastly, the government, media, and news websites regained vitality on Tuesday.

High-traffic websites including Reddit, Amazon, CNN, Paypal, Spotify, and The New York Times are all listed as having problems by the power outage tracking website, but they seem to return to normal for an hour after a few minutes of the power outage.

Fastly is one of the most widely used cloud-based content delivery network providers in the world. He said: “The problem has been discovered and a fix has been applied. With the return of global services, customers may experience increased raw load. “

The company went public in 2019 to help websites move content using less congested routes, allowing them to reach consumers faster.

The British Attorney General said on Twitter earlier that the country’s main website had been closed and provided an email for inquiries.

Some visitors who tried to access received a message: “Quick error: Unknown domain:” Attempts to access the Financial Times website showed a similar message, while visiting the New York Times and the British government’s website returned The “error 503 service is unavailable” message and the “Varnish Cache Server” line are added, which is a technology that Fastly relies on.

Use workarounds for news sites

Fastly’s website stated that most of its coverage area is facing “degraded performance.” Error messages on several websites pointed to Fastly issues.

News publishers have come up with creative solutions to report widespread interruptions when their websites fail to load.

The popular technology website The Verge uses Google Docs to report news, and the British technical editor of The Guardian launched a Twitter post to report on these issues.

According to data from, nearly 21,000 Reddit users have reported problems with social media platforms, while more than 2,000 users have reported problems with Amazon.

According to Downdetector’s website, Amazon’s Twitch also malfunctioned.

Websites operated by news media such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times and Bloomberg News are also facing disruptions.

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