Love City Brewing held an outdoor dance party on June 12

Missing being surrounded by friends and strangers dancing all night?

This weekend, you can regain your passion at an outdoor party hosted by Love City Brewing. The event on Saturday, June 12 will feature music, beer and lights.

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Tickets for the prom are $20. Includes a free drink of your choice, additional beers and cocktails can be purchased, as well as lighting accessories and music from the DJ Bo Blitz. The local food truck will eat there.

The ball will be held in the open air part of the parking lot next to Love City. No need to wear a mask when going out, But they will be required to enter Love City to use the restroom. The brewery also encourages anyone who has not been vaccinated to wear a mask throughout the event.

To help participants feel more comfortable on the dance floor, tHis party will have a system. When buying a ticket, there will be a choice of the color of the lanyard. Green means you have been vaccinated and you are satisfied with people who are less than 6 feet away. Yellow means ask before approaching, and red means please respect my space.

Participants were asked to wear a lanyard throughout the night.

This activity is only applicable to clubs 21 years old and above, and is expected to be rain or shine. It will run from 7pm to 11pm on Saturday night.


Saturday, June 12
7-11pm | USD 20 per person
Love City Brewing
1023 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

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