“Hitman” Eriz Marcus Anthony and girlfriend Winnie Lee appeared in court today after “Road Rage Shooting”

The arrested murderer was an obvious gun lover

The man was arrested for an apparent road rage shooting that resulted in the death of 6-year-old Aiden Leos. Gun An auto shop worker who frequently posts his latest weapon videos.

The California Highway Patrol said that 24-year-old Eriz Anthony and his 23-year-old girlfriend Lee Wayne were arrested at their home in Costa Mesa after they offered a reward of $500,000 for information that led to their arrest. .

Officials said that Eriz was the gunman in the deadly road rage incident, and his posts flooded with guns on social media showed that Eriz shot various weapons.

Eriz’s social media is full of photos of the suspected gunman shooting and posing at the shooting range.

In one photo, he saw him holding two pistols and a rifle, while in another photo, he was brandishing ammunition.

Neither Eriz nor Lee is considered to have committed a felony, and it is not known which gun was used to kill Leos, or whether it was photographed on Eriz’s social media.

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