Harry Kane will leave Tottenham Hotspur on a cash transfer, Daniel Levi is not interested in player exchange offers

DANIEL LEVY will ask for a cash deal with star forward Harry Kane.

This Tottenham Hotspur The chairman hopes that his England captain will have at least £150 million-if he is going to let him go, that is.


If Daniel Levy had to sell Harry Kane, he would receive 150 million pounds in cash-and would not accept player exchange offers from his star playersCredit: PA

But he is definitely not interested in the “elimination” as part of the 27-year-old player’s player exchange agreement.

Levi is known for his toughness in the transfer market.

And have been deeply troubled KaneIn order to get away, Levy will do his best to get what he wants.

SunSport reveals Manchester City are ready to offer Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus plus £60 million Reach an agreement.

Levy knew that his team needed a major reconstruction after the downturn of last season kept them in the Europa League.

Cash is king, especially when the club suffers financial losses due to the coronavirus.

Although Sterling and Jesus may be the champions, accepting the Manchester City deal will reduce the Spurs’ cash in bringing in players of their own choice.

Levy knows GBP The weekly salary at Etihad is £300,000-too much for Tottenham Hotspur.

Special bets- Let England win the 2020 European Cup, Harry Kane became the top scorer 18/1

He also felt that neither player would want to quit Champions League And entered the third echelon in Europe.

Both Manchester Club and Chelsea have spoken to Kane’s representatives to show what they want from a man who has scored 221 Spurs goals and 34 England goals.

Negotiations with Levy have not yet begun, and his position is still that he hopes Kane can complete his last three years of trading.

But if he is going to let Kane leave, only money will speak.

When he gets 86 million pounds, he will remember how all this went wrong Gareth Bale From Real Madrid seven years ago.

This was the world record transfer fee at the time-and in some transactions before Bell actually left, the Spurs went out and bought seven players.

Erik Lamela is worth 30 million pounds, Roberto Soldado is worth 26 million pounds, and Christian Eriksen is worth 11.5 million pounds. The three players are worth a total of 108 million pounds as Levy is trying to form a new team.

However, the plan backfired.

Kane may try to persuade Levi to let him leave Tottenham this summer


Kane may try to persuade Levi to let him leave Tottenham this summerCredit: PA

Owner Andre Villas-Boas was fired before Christmas, and the Spurs ended the season in sixth place.

The club’s debt was once again emphasized by the lifelong fan Lord Trisman yesterday.

He said: “The total debt reported by Tottenham last time was £1.177 billion in February, the largest in Europe, a glorious new stadium and a completely unstable team.

“The business is now essentially a real estate developer.”

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Harry Kane will not withdraw Tottenham’s transfer during the Euro 2020 because England coach Gareth Southgate is expected to transfer later

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