EastEnders spoiler live broadcast-Dani Dyer joins the cast as a pregnant taxi driver, and updates on Coronation Street and Emmerdale

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For example, Dani Dyer will make his debut at EastEnders this week with his dad Danny.

This Reality star, 24-who became famous in the fourth series in 2018 Love island -Take on the new role of a taxi driver named Janet.

Mike Carter (Danny Dyer) When he missed his wife, he got into some trouble LindaBaby scan.

He assured his significant other that he would be there, but after chatting with their daughter Nancy, he forgot the time.

Realizing the time, he managed to call a taxi to take him to the hospital, and made friends with the taxi driver Janet, who was also pregnant.

Read the following soap opera live blog for the latest news and gossip..

  • EASTENDERS star Gurlaine Kaur Garcha was shocked after suffering terrible racist abuse this week.

    The actress-who played Ash Panesar in the BBC soap opera-recounted the shocking incident in an emotional post on Instagram.

    She wrote on social media: “Yesterday I was a victim of language racial discrimination.

    “It didn’t know where it came from. I didn’t expect it. Although I knew that racism existed and I could always be a victim of it, it was still deeply shocked.

    “In a completely unprovoked attack, a lady told me to go home, go back to where I came from, and stay there.

    “The initial shock was that someone said it to me very comfortably in public, not once, but several times. It made me feel angry, sad, and embarrassed.”

  • Holyokes:’There is a shame’

    HOLLYOAKS star David Tag urged men to talk more publicly about their mental health issues after losing two friends to commit suicide during the lockdown.

    The 36-year-old Sylver McQueen actor urged men to MenWalkTalk, A charity, he became an ambassador after the breakup.

    The Manchester-born performer offered some candid suggestions after his personal tragedy and said: “Even the happiest faces can suffer from mental health problems.

    “The charity organizes gatherings where you can open up to each other.

    “I am a strong-willed person. I found that many people suffered a lot of different sufferings during the lockdown.

    “During the lockdown, two people I know died by suicide.”

  • CASUALTY won this year’s Bafta TV Award for beating the best soap opera on Coronation Street.

    The medical drama was a big win at the awards ceremony held in London, and most of the nominees participated almost at home.

    The casualties also defeated rivals EastEnders and Hollyoaks.

    The last time the hospital soap was awarded was in 2018, after a total of two awards.

    Last year, Emmerdale brought home the award.

  • Casualty Spoilers: Pure Poison

    CASUALTY’s Rosa will be shocked by a poisoned blockbuster, and baby Bodhi will fight for his life this Saturday.

    Expect a lot of twists and turns BBC’s hospital drama, Because a terrible accusation will throw Rosa and David into chaos.

    At the same time, Fenisha finally discovered the truth about Ethan’s feelings for her.

    BBC One The audience will see Ollie return to ED with more mysterious symptoms.

  • After Ange Godard and Josh Hudson admitted to having sex at work tonight, HOLBY City fans were shocked-and provided their boss Henrik Hanssen with all the weird details.

    In the past few months, the couple has been sleeping together in secret.

    The chief executive officer of the hospital, Henrik, asked what the couple had done.

    Henrik asked Josh: “Is it a sexual relationship?”

    The junior doctor said it, and began to list where they soiled things.

    He said frankly: “Consultant’s office, various storage rooms, theaters, women’s toilets, dressing rooms…”


    BEN Mitchell found out that his husband Callum was sneaking up with his former Whitney Dean in EastEnders next week, and he became very worried.

    Callum-played by Tony Clay in the BBC One soap opera-is struggling to cope after his partner Fitz was stabbed by Kate Slater’s robbers.

    Ben found Callum and Whitney got in a taxi to visit Fitz.

    I didn’t know what happened to Fitz. I wanted to know what happened between my ex…

  • Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley of CORONATION Street will go home in the upcoming soap opera.

    The two fled Weatherfield and entered protection after PA (Jane Danson) Urges Harvey to the police.

    Lean, Nick (played by Ben Price) and her son Simon (played by Alex Bain) have been protecting themselves from evil gangs in a secret location.

    The three returned to Weatherfield to see if they could resume their normal lives again.

    They received a visit from DS Glynn, and she told Leanne that her evidence was very important and it would prevent him from ruining other people’s lives.

    The Tongren visited Harvey and told him that what he and his family did would not prevent them from providing evidence.

    Will Harvey stop trying to intimidate Leanne, Nick and Simon?

  • After Max Branning snatched his granddaughter Abi during his visit, “Oriental” revealed a terrorist abduction.

    The conspirator-played by actor Jack Wood in the BBC soap opera-has not appeared since he left the square forever earlier this year.

    He left Abby to the care of her aunt Rennie and husband Stewart, but last week his brother Jack Braning took baby Abby to France to visit him.

    In tonight’s episode, Jack returns from a trip in Paris and takes Abby to visit her grandfather.

    But the trip was not smooth, and Jack had a terrible time.

    While in the French capital, Max fled with his granddaughter, leaving Jack to return to Wolford alone.

  • Oriental: CALLUM finally talked about FITZY

    The police officer told his ex-girlfriend Whitney that he couldn’t tell Ben about his work-that’s why he didn’t talk about the attack.

    Whitney told him that he needed to tell the truth, otherwise their relationship would not last.

  • Orientals: Ruby Allen reveals her late father Johnny

    The club owner told Isaac about her father during a dinner chat.

    The businessman died of a heart attack in 2006.

    But Lola Pierce told Isaac that he was not a very good person…

  • Oriental: A life-saving straw?

    Callum is clearly fighting Fitz’s offense…

    After Phil Mitchell, Queen Vic in front of Whitney tried him once, the market trader told him to “take a break.”

    Can the bronze medal confide in his old flames?

  • Orientals: Isaac is lying

    The teacher who had stopped taking schizophrenia drugs told his nurse that he was taking the drugs.

    Girlfriend Lola Pierce was not happy about lying to him…

  • Fans of EASTENDERS are ecstatic, and there is a second issue of soap tonight!


  • Orientals: Callum is struggling

    After Fitz’s attack, Copper burst into tears in the square.

    Can Callum handle it?

  • Oriental: Surprise!

    Teacher Isaac Baptiste bought a rabbit for Martin Fowler’s son Arthur… but his girlfriend Pierce was worried about his behavior.

  • Orientals: Poor Callum

    Callum tried to confess to her husband Ben Mitchell why he couldn’t feel himself…but Ben told him to shut up.

    Will he be alright?

  • EASTENDERS fans are angry at Vi Highway’s attempt to establish her grandson Stuart with Honey Mitchell

    One wrote: “Stop it Vi! Stewart is very satisfied with Rainie #EastEnders.”

    Another said: “No, I’m sorry I didn’t see Hani and Stewart together. #EastEnders.”

  • Oriental: Will Callum deceive Ben?

    Fans of the show thought that Copper might return to his previous flame Whitney…

    One person said on Twitter: “Callum and Whitney @bbceastenders #EastEnders conspiracy against Ben.”

  • East Ender: Callum Highway bursts into tears because of Fitz

    The price of copper is obviously hard to accept Fityz’s stabbing.

    Can he open his heart to anyone, maybe Whitney Dean or husband Ben Mitchell?

  • After Jimmy King admitted that he loved Mandy Dingle, EMMERDALE fans were shocked.

    The businessman-played by actor Nick Myers in the ITV soap opera-was accompanied by Mandy in court, where he pleaded not guilty to the death of Paul Ashdale.

    Paul’s predecessor, Mandy, accompanied him and encouraged him not to plead guilty.

    But when his wife Nikolai did not show up in compliance with his wishes, it had unexpected consequences.

    Later, Jimmy realized that his nervous marriage might be over, and went to see Mandy.

    He told her: “You mean more to me.”

    Fans were shocked by his comments and flocked to Twitter.

    One wrote: “Mandy Dingle and Jimmy King got it on #Emmerdale No F*****g Way.”

  • Emmerdale: “Wendy is right”

    Wendy wants her son Luke to talk to Victoria, but he won’t do it.

    Fans of the show begged the chef to do so.

    One person wrote on Twitter: “Wendy is right. Luke needs to talk to Victoria. He is not healthy and lying about his feelings will do no good to any of them…#Emerdale.”

    The second said: “Although Wendy is right. Luke needs to be honest with Victoria. He can’t tie her together. #Emmerdale.”

  • Emmerdale: The mysterious culprit has been revealed?

    Jamie Tate persuaded Mother Kim, who is currently being poisoned by a mysterious criminal, to leave.

    Is it because he is the culprit?

  • Emmerdale: Poor Victoria

    Luke still keeps his sexual orientation secret from his girlfriend Victoria, and fans are heartbroken.

    One wrote: “I feel sorry for Victoria Luke and I should be honest with her, not involve her #Imerdale.”

    Another predicted that if he really opened up, they would break up.

    Another tweet wrote: “Victoria will be single soon. #Imerdale.”

  • Emmerdale: Silly Mike

    The bad boy in the village fell in love with Nikolai’s seductive way.

    She locked Mike in a van in return for getting her husband Jimmy into trouble with the police.

    Fans of the hit show flocked to Twitter to share their relief that she did not deceive her partner.

    One person wrote on Twitter: “I know Nicholas will not sink so low. #Emmerdale.”

    Another person emphasized how stupid it is for Mike to fall in love with it.

    The second said: “Mackenzie#Emmerdale, you are so stupid.”

  • Emmerdale

    Fans of hit shows believe that Nicola and Mackenzie will become frustrated and dirty.

    One person wrote on Twitter: “Nikola wants to play with MacKenzie! #[email protected]@MrBadger62.”

    Another said: “Can’t believe Mackenzie wants to work with Nicola #Emmerdale so frankly.”

    The third person interjected: “Nicolas, this is not a good idea #Emmerdale.”

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