Don’t expect the Phillies, Dave Dombrowski will do anything unless they are ranked first

The Phillies played several games in NL East, which is the most evenly distributed and competitive department in baseball. If they put their nonsense together, they might become a member of the Phillies.

However, if they are unable to prove that they are the first team before the trading deadline at the end of July in the next 40 or 50 games, please do not hope that they will try to close the gap. Any gap is used as a trade market. Of buyers will cause a sensation.

Dave Dombrowski, the president of baseball operations, has a rich record of making big moves, but perhaps surprisingly, he is more conservative in trading than you might think. Most of his biggest trades were made during the offseason, such as trading Max Scherzer with the Tigers or Chris Sale with the Red Sox.

He had an incredible success rate in the June and July transactions, but this was mainly because he was always the leader when he was almost always a buyer.

In the 13 deals reached as the general manager of the Marlins, Tigers and Red Sox before the deadline, Donbrovsky has brought three teams to the World Series (he has teamed up with the Sox and Marlins). The fish team won together) ranked first in the corresponding divisions at these times.

* Dombrowski also made some other deadline moves-such as trading Placido Polanco when his team was last in 2005-these are not really a buy or sell, but an introduction. In between. In that deal, he sent Ugueth Urbina and Ramon Martinez to the second-ranked Phillies, who transferred from Polanco, who will become the MVP of the 2006 ALCS Bengals and the All-Star the following year because of Chase Utley took over second base. This is simply a GM that takes advantage of the market.

In every instance of Dombrowski adding points to the first team, his team insisted on the division to win the championship. Let’s take a look at these actions:

team date ranking the end Who bought
Marlin June 24, 1993 18 games back Finally in the east of the Netherlands Gary Sheffield
Marlin July 21, 1997 6 games back Win WS Darren Dalton
Tigers July 31, 2006 7.5 games early Second place in AL Central Sean Casey
Tigers July 28, 2010 5 games back 3rd in Central District, AL Johnny Peralta
Tigers July 30, 2011 1.6 games early Win AL Central Doug Fest
Tigers July 23, 2012 1 game early Win AL Central Omar Infant, Annibal Sanchez
Tigers July 30, 2013 2.5 games early Win AL Central Jose Iglesias placeholder image
Tigers July 23, 2014 6.5 games early Win AL Central Jokin Soria
Tigers July 31, 2014 4 games early Win AL Central David Price
Red Sox July 26, 2017 1 game early Win Midland East Eduardo Nunez
Red Sox June 28, 2018 1 game early Win WS Steve Pierce
Red Sox July 25, 2018 5.5 games early Win WS Nathan Evaldi
Red Sox July 30, 2018 6 games early Win WS Ian Kinsler

If the Phillies are two, 3 or 4 games behind when the heart of July arrives, many people will clamor for the Phillies to fight for it—trying to win against superstars such as Bryce Harper and JT Realmuto. Profit from investment.

There may be some very good players who can help the Phillies before the deadline. Rocky Mountain star Trevor Storey may move-the Phils need to strengthen their infield. Texas pitcher Kyle Gibson can be bought, and the Phillies definitely need help.

But in terms of job security, Dombrowski has a little leeway. He knows that after the end of the season there may be more than 45 million dollars in income (if the team lets Andrew McCutchen leave), and he may upgrade the lineup better in December than in July, when the price will be high , The luxury tax is coming, and the competition will become more intense.

This means that unless the Phillies really push and show that they are one or two players away from truly competing for the World Series, history shows that Dombrovsky may play safely.

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