Delaware State Police arrested and wanted for the man suspected of shooting Christine Lugo in Dunkin’ Donuts in North Philadelphia

A man wanted Kill the Dunkin Donuts manager According to multiple reports, he was detained in a robbery in Delaware last Saturday.

According to reports, 39-year-old Keith Gibson (Keith Gibson) was imprisoned in Delaware for various robberies. 6ABC. He is believed to be involved in a number of crimes in the past few months, including Robbery and deadly shooting In May, T-Mobile employees photographed a 28-year-old subway in Ellesmere, Newcastle County.

On Saturday morning, Gibson allegedly pointed a gun at 41-year-old Christine Lugo when he unlocked Dunkin’ Donuts at 532 Silly Avenue, Philadelphia. Police said that after robbing the store, Gibson shot Lugo in the head. Provide a reward of $20,000 to provide information that led to the arrest or conviction of Lugo’s murderer.

The authorities told CBS 3 They found Gibson in Delaware and reportedly found a revolver that may be related to Saturday’s shooting.

Philadelphia police believe that Gibson also killed his mother in a shooting on Ridge Avenue on February 8. He was jailed for commercial robbery and homicide in Delaware in 2008.

On Sunday, Lugo’s family and friends gathered outside Dunkin’ Donuts, where she was killed as a vigil.

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