Coronavirus: What happened in Canada and around the world on Tuesday


The head of the emergency of the United Nations health agency said that more than 80% of COVID-19 vaccination coverage is needed to significantly reduce the possibility of imported coronavirus cases producing new cases or triggering a wider outbreak.

Dr. Michael Ryan of the World Health Organization said that in the end, “a high level of vaccination coverage is the way out of this pandemic.”

Ryan’s remarks to reporters in Geneva on Monday came at a time when wealthy countries with access to vaccines are facing pressure from WHO and many global health advocates to share more vaccines with developing countries that are severely lacking vaccines.

The UK has been following the recent increase in cases, which is mainly due to the increase in cases associated with the so-called delta variant that first appeared in India.

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s head of COVID-19 technology, pointed out that the delta variant is circulating in more than 60 countries and is more contagious than the alpha variant that originally appeared in the UK.

-From the Associated Press, last updated at 7 am EST

What’s happening in canada

Over the weekend, people lined up for appointments at an outdoor pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic called Jababalooza on the football field of Immaculata High School in Ottawa. (Justin Tang/Canada Press)

As of early Tuesday morning, Canada had reported 1,394,128 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 22,844 were considered active. The death toll on CBC News is 25,761. To date, more than 26.4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been vaccinated across the country. CBC’s vaccine tracker.

On Monday in Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia Report 14 new COVID-19 cases, in spite of Newfoundland and Labrador Report Two new cases.

Have A new case of COVID-19 Reported on New Brunswick, Officials announced that the province has not yet achieved its goal of vaccinating 75% of people 12 years and older with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by June 7.

No new COVID-19 case reports Prince Edward Island on Monday.

in Quebec, Health officials reported another 3 deaths and 193 new COVID-19 cases on Monday as the province lifted more public health restrictions.

(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Ontario Another 15 deaths and 525 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Monday. According to data from the provincial dashboard, the number of inpatients is 547 and there are 497 in the ICU.

Senior Ontario health officials said this week that the delta COVID-19 variant has been detected across the province and it is likely to become the main strain, as it was in the early stages of the pandemic, with a more aggressive variant of COVID-19 . However, they say that vaccination seems to protect people infected with the variant from serious illness, especially those who have received two doses of the vaccine.

On Monday in the Prairie Province, Manitoba Two other deaths and 169 new COVID-19 casesThe province’s chief public health officer, Dr. Brent Roussin, said officials are “drawing up our recovery roadmap,” but warned that the healthcare system is still under tension.

Saskatchewan, At the same time, three other deaths and 68 new COVID-19 cases.

in Alberta, Health officials have reported two new COVID-19 deaths and 127 new COVID-19 cases.

In the entire north, no new cases have been reported Nunavut, This North-west region or Yukon Territory on Monday.

British Columbia On Monday, 482 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the past three days, with another 12 deaths.

-From CBC News and Canadian media, the last update time is 7 am EST

What is happening around the world

On Tuesday, a health worker vaccinated a man in Kathmandu with a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine. (Prakash Math/AFP/Getty Images)

A tracking tool from Johns Hopkins University said that as of early Tuesday morning, more than 173.6 million COVID-19 cases had been reported worldwide. The reported global death toll exceeds 3.7 million.

in AfricaThe head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that he hopes to identify African COVID-19 vaccine production bases, and some will even be close to production before the end of 2021 in order to provide more vaccines to the African continent.

inside Asia Pacific In this region, the number of daily coronavirus infections in India fell below 100,000 for the first time in more than two months due to the overall economic downturn prompting some states to relax restrictions.

On Tuesday, the 86,498 new cases in the past 24 hours brought India’s total to more than 29 million, second only to the United States, which has more than 33 million.

At the same time, Nepal resumed its stalled coronavirus vaccination campaign on Tuesday after the Himalayas requested international help, and China provided 1 million doses of vaccine. Nepal’s vaccination campaign started in January but stalled after neighbouring India suffered a surge in the coronavirus and banned the export of its AstraZeneca vaccine.

inside AmericaOnce 70% of adults receive at least one dose of the vaccine, New York will remove more COVID-19 regulations, and Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes that the state can reach this goal within a few days.

According to the latest federal data, nearly 69% of New York adults received at least one dose of the vaccine.

inside middle East, According to the national news agency KUNA, Kuwait has approved the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson.

in Europe, Danish researchers are using virtual reality to encourage more COVID-19 vaccinations through a game of manipulation among virus-infected people in city squares.

-From the Associated Press and Reuters, the last update time is 7:10 am EST

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