Ben White replaces Alexander Arnold in England’s Euro 2020 team, Deschamps fought back Mourinho after the French team taunted

Good morning European fans

Ben White is the last piece of Gareth Southgate’s England puzzle because he has been confirmed as Trent Alexander-Arnold’s successor to Euro 2020.

The central defender will wear the number 22 jersey in the game.

The owner of the Three Lions will be happy to see Harry Maguire participate in training again, but he is still skeptical of the European Cup opener against Croatia.

Paul Pogba (Paul Pogba) is more confident in this summer’s game, he believes that the French team is likely to win the game.

Pogba told Eurosport: “We have a PlayStation team, but if we don’t win the trophy, it will still be a PlayStation team.

“As a world champion and having a team like this, we are expected to do more.

“We must remain humble. I want to convey this message: This is not a foregone conclusion. We have heard a lot of conversations, but we are down to earth.”

After beating Latvia 7-1 in the final warm-up match, the Germans also looked very active.

France and Germany will play against each other in the first match of the match on Tuesday, June 15.

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