Arsenal “consider using AC Milan organizer Hakan Karhanoglu as a transfer replacement for Martin Odegard”

According to reports, if Arsenal missed Martin Odegard, they are considering making an offer to AC Milan star Hakan Karhanoglu.

The Gunners brought in Odegarde from Real Madrid in January, but his short-term loan has expired.


According to reports, Hakan Karhanoglu is on Arsenal’s shortlist this summerCredit: Getty

arsenal We are now waiting to hear whether the 22-year-old Danish will appear in Ancelotti’s first team plan.

But according to CBS sports correspondent James Benguet, the Londoner has been shortlisted for an alternative in the 27-year-old Kalhanoglu.

He tweeted: “Arsenal still maintains a strong interest in Martin Odegard.

“What kind of transactions can be done there [if any] Will depend on new decisions royal house Madrid The coaching staff and Florentino Perez.

“It is understood that another goal proposed by Arsenal is Hakan Karhanoglu, whose contract with AC Milan expires this summer.

“He is a choice. It is not clear how high he ranks on the list, but people expect him to be a replacement for Odegard.”

Arsenal are in pain after being defeated by Prime’s opponent Aston Villa to the signature of Norwich’s ace Amy Bendia.

people usually think that, Gunman Leading the way in signing the Argentine ace-he is currently on an international mission.

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Gunners are waiting to hear how Real Madrid plans to use Martin Odegard


Gunners are waiting to hear how Real Madrid plans to use Martin OdegardCredit: Reuters

But SunSport revealed on Sunday Buendia is about to transfer to Midlands for a club record of 38 million pounds.

Vera confirmed the news On Monday, they released a statement After accepting the bid in the Canary Islands.

however, Chris Whitley Claims that North London’s clothing actually offers more.

Arsenal are willing to give Buendia and Villa the same salary.

Then they “matched” and “further” on the transfer fee provided to Norwich-but ultimately undermined its trading structure.

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If Arteta fails to attract Martin Odegard in the summer, Arsenal will start Philip Coutinho’s transfer quest

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