Andrew Lloyd Webber vowed to open the West End Show on July 14 despite fears of the Freedom Day delay

Andrew Lloyd Webber vowed that despite fears that Freedom Day may be postponed, his new West End show will “go to hell.”

The famous composer’s £6 million musical “Cinderella” will have its world premiere at the Gillian Lynn Theatre in London on July 14.


Andrew Lloyd Webber said he is determined to open the theater on June 21Image Credit: Jack Hill/The Times
Under current government restrictions, the theater can only accommodate 50% of its capacity


Under current government restrictions, the theater can only accommodate 50% of its capacityCredit: Getty

However, the reopening of musicals depends on the government’s “road map” and whether social distancing measures will be cancelled.

If these measures remain effective, Weber will be forced to postpone the premiere of the musical again.

Due to concerns about the impact of Covid-19 variants, the “Freedom Day” on June 21 is in doubt.

Be asked Daily Telegraph What would happen if the government forced Webber to postpone the premiere of his show, he replied: “We will say: come to the theater and arrest us.”

Cinderella was originally scheduled to open in August 2020, but was diverted due to the pandemic.

The show consists of 34 actors, and running the show at only 50% of the capacity is unaffordable.

The pandemic has had a disastrous financial impact on the theater industry. Despite the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, many theaters are still closed because it is not financially feasible to open them with reduced capacity.

Weber said: “I saw the science from the test, don’t ask me how. They all prove that the theater is completely safe and the virus is not carried there.”

“If the government ignores their own science, we have the mother of all legal cases against them.

“If Cinderella can’t open it, we will say,’Listen, either we will go to law on this matter, or you must compensate us.'”

The manager went on to say that if the government does not relax the restrictions, he may have to sell his six venues in the West End.

He also revealed that he has remortgaged his home in London.

This is not the first time the 73-year-old Lord Lloyd Webber has criticized those who have called for a postponement of reopening.

He told reporters last week Daily mail If his theater is not allowed to receive audiences at full capacity, he may take legal action.

He said that if the restrictions are not relaxed, this will be the “last fatal blow.”

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