Weather forecast UK live today

Britain is hotter than IBIZA today, 24C scorching but sudden hail hits the east

With temperatures soaring to 24 degrees Celsius, Britain will be hotter than the Balearic Islands today-but a sudden hailstorm is expected to sweep the east.

After a weekend of warm sunshine, although the high temperature continues today, some people may need a Broly now. This morning, as any fog and low clouds dissipate, the British will be able to bathe in the heat to make room for a sunny day-while the temperature in Ibiza is only 22 degrees Celsius.

This is great news for those who have cancelled their holiday plans due to the latest green list announcement-but as it finally starts to feel like summer, certain areas of the country will suffer sudden hail attacks.

After a turbulent night, the southeast, central regions and South Wales of England are preparing for the stormy weather.

The eastern region is expected to bear the brunt of strong thunderstorms. There will be a sudden downpour this afternoon, but there will still be some maximum temperatures.

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