The family of the victim murdered by Colin Pitchfork slammed the decision to release him and said he should “shoot in the head”

The angry relatives of two 15-year-old schoolgirls killed by notorious pedophiles expressed anger at the decision to release him.

In 1988, Colin Pitchfork, who was obsessed with sex, was imprisoned for life for the rape and murder of Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, the girls of Leicestershire.

He can be released and the Parole Board has ruled
Colin Pitchfork was kept in a cage for life in 1988


Colin Pitchfork was kept in a cage for life in 1988Credit: BPM

But the Parole Board concluded yesterday that the 61-year-old man-the first murderer to be convicted using DNA evidence-no longer poses a threat to the public after being denied release for the first two times.

Dawn Ashworth’s mother said that Pitchfork-always brings danger-and the sister of his first victim, Lynda Mann, said that the only sentence Pitchfork should get is “a bullet to the head”.

Sue Gratrick-her sister Lynda Mann-was killed after she took a shortcut home from the nanny in Leicestershire-she said the decision of the parole committee Let this family fall into hell.

Since then, Sue has moved to a seaside town more than 100 miles from the scene of her sister’s murder.

She told the Sun last night: “He shouldn’t go out. But what else to say? They want him out.

“They won’t let the serial killer out, but they let him out.

“They said he has finished his time, he has the right to be free with all those malicious intents he has to go free.”

Su Nu said: “What he wants is a bullet to hit the head. But this will not happen, so there is nothing we can do.”

She said that the decision left painful memories for her family and added: “We have been fighting with it for years-but you are gone.”

The 75-year-old Barbara Ashworth’s daughter was strangled to death in 1986. He said: “This is a man who showed a tendency to be mentally ill—a person who thought he was smart enough to be in a murder case. People who outsmart the police by avoiding large-scale blood tests… He almost succeeded.

“I will never forget that he deceived the authorities into believing that he has now reformed and recovered. He will always be a dangerous man.”

Pitchfork will have 35 additional conditions, including electronic tags, polygraph tests, and he must provide detailed information about any vehicles he owns.

After giving up his notorious name, Pitchfork now calls himself David Thorpe. He raped and strangled 15-year-old Linda in November 1983. He attacked again three years later, killing and killing under almost the same circumstances. Raped the same 15-year-old Dawn.

He later admitted to the rape and murder of Linda and Dawn and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 30 years-reduced to 28 years after an appeal in 2009.

In the interview mail She said: “The news is so depressing. There are still 15-year-old girls wandering around, and this man has 20 years to abuse them.

Lindaman was also one of his victims
Lindaman was also one of his victims
Dawn Ashworth was raped and murdered by Pitchfork in the 80s
Dawn Ashworth was raped and murdered by Pitchfork in the 80s
After being released from Lyhir prison in 2017, Colin Pitchfork on the streets of Bristol
After being released from Lyhir prison in 2017, Colin Pitchfork on the streets of Bristol

“He can’t hurt me like he did-the pitchfork tore me and my family-but he can hurt other young girls. I can’t understand how he was suddenly judged suitable for release when he was rejected before.

Philip Musson, 67-year-old Dawn’s uncle from Newark, Nottinghamshire, added: “We are totally opposed to the idea of ??murderers-let alone child murderers-getting parole.”

“Life imprisonment should mean life, because because of this person’s behavior, life is unbearable at dawn.”

The Parole Board stated that it is satisfied that Mr. Pitchfork (photo posted the same day in 2017) is suitable for release
The Parole Board expressed satisfaction that Mr. Pitchfork (pictured in the daytime release in 2017) is suitable for release

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