Muslims in London, Ontario express shock and grief over the “planned” hit and run

Muslims in London, Ontario were shocked after three adults and a teenager were killed in a targeted hit-and-run attack by police.

Policemen Accused a 20-year-old man There were four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder on Monday, which they said was a “planned and premeditated act” against a family of five “because of their Muslim beliefs.”

A 9-year-old boy who survived is still receiving treatment in the hospital. His injuries are serious but not life-threatening.

Ijlal Hossain said the incident occurred near her home because she was a visible Muslim and lived on the street where her family was attacked on Sunday.

“My family, my little sister, my parents, we have been walking here all the time. The thought that such a terrible thing would happen so close to home… It was heartbreaking,” Hussein was participating in the chase. At the memorial service, I told CBC that it was in northwest London.

“I think this really shows that we don’t know what will happen in broad daylight,” she said.

Locals attended a makeshift memorial near where their families were attacked in northwest London on Sunday. (Andrew Rapton/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Sabre Khan, the head of the London Muslim Association of Canada, has a close relationship with the victim.

“I’m very depressed, I can’t concentrate well,” Khan said. “I am afraid of our children, my community, anyone who wears a hijab, anyone who dresses in the traditional Muslim way.”

“This is an act of terror. It really frightens our community.”

A community faith leader said that preemptive measures must be taken to prevent hate crimes from happening, including chanting “discrimination, racism, Islamophobia and any other form of xenophobia.”

Imam Abdelfattah Twakar said: “In terms of the shock level caused by such a serious crime in our city, this will have a huge and widespread impact on our community.”

“Based on the hatred of Islam and Muslims, this is not the first crime motivated by hatred. This is Islamophobia. That’s how we call it.”

Twakkal said he knew the victims, but his family asked him not to talk about them at this time.

A community vigil is planned to be held outside the Muslim Mosque in London on Tuesday night. (Colin Butler/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Hassan Mostafa, a board member of the London Islamic School (LIS), said Monday was an “extremely difficult” day.

He said at a virtual city hall that night that all students were suspended on Tuesday.

“We want to make the process of sadness happen… [It] It will be a planned day to start providing services to our students, our families and our employees to help them through their sad time. “

He said the exams originally scheduled to start on Monday have also been cancelled for the 7th and 8th grade students for the rest of the year.

Mustafa said the school has the support of multiple organizations, including the crisis intervention unit of the London Police.

Although LIS is not part of the Thames Valley Regional Education Bureau (TVDSB), Mustafa said its education committee also provides short-term and long-term support to all students.

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On Tuesday, the TVDSB Grief Counselor will meet with LIS teachers to create class presentations and will provide one-on-one tutoring to students upon request.

Mustafa said the Muslim Social Support and Immigration Resource Center will participate in the support program to ensure that it is carried out in a culturally sensitive manner.

The National Council of Muslims in Canada is also providing resources for the LIS community.

“The important thing is that we all comfort each other and cooperate with each other,” Mustafa said.

A community vigil is planned to be held in the parking lot outside the Muslim Mosque in London at 7pm on Tuesday evening. Mustafa said thousands of people are expected to attend the mosque.

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