Moriya Yasu, a senior official of the Tokyo Olympics, jumped to his death in front of the subway

According to reports, a senior official of the Japanese Olympic Committee committed suicide in Tokyo.

It is understood that Yasushi Moriya, 52, jumped to the subway at around 9:30 on Monday morning.


According to reports, Moriya Tai committed suicide by jumping to the train on Monday morningCredit: PA

according to News 24, This Tokyo The Metropolitan Police Department considered the tragedy as suicide and is investigating the incident.

It happened at CITIC Station on the Toei Asakusa Line in Shinagawa District.

Moriya allegedly walked off the platform in front of the train.

His identity was identified from his ID card.

Emergency services took him to the hospital, but confirmed that he had passed away two hours later.

Mr. Moriya used to be the Director of the Accounting Department of the Japanese Olympic Committee.

The Olympics are about to begin July 23, end on August 8.

Tokyo 2020 boss Insist that the Olympics will proceed as planned Next month, despite Covid’s chaos.

This The Japanese capital enters a state of emergency with one Most locals want the Olympics to be cancelled again.

Medical staff questioned whether the event-originally scheduled to take place last summer-could be held safely during the pandemic with thousands of volunteers withdrawing.

Japan More than 750,000 coronavirus cases and more than 13,000 deaths have been reported.

The number of daily cases in the fourth wave reached a peak of nearly 8,000 on April 29, but has recently dropped to a 7-day average of around 2,600 cases per day.

Foreign fans have been banned from participating in the event, and a decision has not yet been made on whether the locals can also be shut out.

Tokyo 2020 chairman Seiko Hashimoto ruled out the possibility of postponing the Olympics

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