Mexico’s House of Commons poll shows ruling coalition frustrated. Election news

President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s coalition will not reach the two-thirds majority required for major reforms.

Official predictions show that Mexicans vote to restrict President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s power in the election, reducing the majority of seats in his Morena party and allies, which will Make it more difficult to promote substantive reforms.

The National Electoral Association (INE) estimated on Sunday that the ruling coalition will win between 265 and 292 of the 500 seats in the House of Commons, which is less than the two-thirds majority required to push for a constitutional amendment.

Lopez Obrador promised to change Mexico through political and economic reforms, and he has been considering amending the constitution to protect state-owned energy companies.

In addition to voting in the lower house of Congress, the Mexicans also elected 15 governors and state legislators in Sunday’s election campaign, which is seen as a policy towards Lopez Obrador and his reform of Mexico’s institutions. Referendum.

Opinion polls in recent days have shown that Morena has won most of the 15 governor races. The result is expected overnight.

The game was held during the COVID-19 pandemic and a wave of political violence. Since the beginning of the election process in September, more than 90 politicians have been murdered.

Authorities said two heads and other human remains were left at a polling station in the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Sunday.

Prosecutors in Baja California said that an hour after the election began, a man threw a head at a polling station. When the police were called, the vote was interrupted.

A few hours later, at another polling station in the same area, a man left another head and dismembered human remains in a wooden box next to the ballot box.

According to the Baja California Attorney’s Office, more human remains were found in a bag near the third polling station.

Since taking office after a landslide victory in 2018, Lopez Obrador has sought to devote more resources to poverty and critical infrastructure projects, and to expand the country’s role in the energy industry. He also reduced government costs.

Critics say he weakened institutional checks and balances.

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