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Justin Trudeau is a lie.

The Prime Minister of Canada has proven that he is a calculating chameleon without conviction, and when circumstances require, he is used to starring in self-exaggerated photos and spitting out mediocre clichés-all with the sincerity of mannequins.

The new evidence of Trudeau’s fragile and fraudulent nature comes from his grotesque reaction to the discovery of the remains of 215 indigenous children in the large, unmarked grave of an abandoned “boarding school” in British Columbia. Reaction.

These kidnapped children are only a small part of the more than 150,000 indigenous children who have been systematically stolen from their parents, homes and countries for more than a century, and then dressed like dolls are stuffed in by the Catholic Church. Fanatics in detention camps operated in accordance with military discipline. The mind, body and spirit were disfigured and insulted.

More than 6,000 indigenous children lost their lives in these detention camps-casualties caused by religious indoctrination, loneliness, disease, neglect, cruelty, starvation, and sexual abuse, all of which combined constitute a state-sanctioned genocide.

When news broke in late May that Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation had excavated this mass grave, with dozens of children buried in it, some as young as three years old, Trudeau’s first impulse was to impulse. It is a tedious message to share a moment of pause and dignity on a short-lived social media platform when a serious and solemn response is required.

“The news found at the former Kamloops boarding school broke my heart-it is a painful reminder of that dark and shameful chapter in our country’s history. I am thinking about everyone who has been affected by this sad news. We are here to serve you,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter on May 28. There is no doubt that he is careful to stay within the 280-character limit of the online platform.

It is necessary to deconstruct Trudeau’s surprisingly stale tweets, not only to reveal its iconic exaggeration, but also to reveal the prime minister’s rank, hypocritical nature and historical illiteracy.

Years later, the remains of hundreds of children were found on the ground of the detention camp, where they were persecuted and died alone. This is not “sorrowful news.”

To be more precise, this further proves that the white settlers in the past and are still committing genocide against the indigenous peoples, they largely reject or completely reject the Canadian aboriginals who have been and are still victims of genocide. A well-thought-out conclusion.

This stubborn, universal denial may explain Trudeau’s perfunctory, cliche suggestion of throwing the bodies of indigenous children into a dirty, soggy pit to “break my heart” and represent “darkness to our country” And the painful reminder of the shameful chapter”. history”.

The genocide of Canadian aboriginals is not as Trudeau claimed, but only a “chapter” in the country’s “dark” history, the beginning and end of which are clearly identifiable.

On the contrary, as a savvy congressman pointed out, this is how the evangelical settlers deliberately and unscrupulously carried out the “whole conspiracy”-from before the formation of the Canadian Commonwealth in 1867-to colonize and, if necessary, eliminate the indigenous people And its ancient beliefs, customs and traditions as part of a clear policy of “killing Indians among children”.

Trudeau insisted that the systematic and often obliterated cruelty to the indigenous Canadians is “shameful”, which means that most Canadians have admitted, let alone treated indigenous children, women, and women in the name of God and the country. The terrorist act caused by the man accepts any degree of guilt. -Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

They haven’t.

In fact, it wasn’t until 2019, after some hesitation, that Trudeau reluctantly “accepted” the genocide committed by his country, but only the indigenous girls and women who disappeared and were murdered in recent decades.

In the past week, I suspect that many Canadians are so obsessed with the playoff games between two bitter hockey opponents-the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens-that they are so obsessed with their country in the disappearance. Responsible “news” gave more consideration. 215 small corpses entered the mass graves, among which there were many other undiscovered small corpses in many other undiscovered mass graves.

Therefore, any “pain” that Canadians may experience after understanding the fall of self-control may be fleeting.

At this point, the long and contemptible record is obvious: Trudeau and his two-faced predecessors have repeatedly violated the so-called sacred promise to achieve “reconciliation” with indigenous peoples and correct the cruel race against indigenous peoples. Ism and inhumane atrocities.

They promised to solve the long-term lack of access to clean drinking water and housing by indigenous people. They promised to solve the violent abuse and neglect suffered by the indigenous people in the hospital. They promised to solve the staggering number of imprisonment and suicide problems of indigenous people. They pledged to resolve the disappearance and murder of indigenous children and women in the same alarming numbers. Finally, they pledged to resolve the continuing encroachment and plunder of indigenous lands.

All along, Trudeau and his company have spent millions of dollars in blatant and appalling hypocrisy, in court and internment camp survivors to compensate them for the indelible harm they suffered.

Considering a series of lies and deceit, Trudeau’s parting is usually a boring greeting card-style greeting, “We are here for you”, with little persuasion apart from the gullibility that the guerrilla or the prime minister or his arrears the government is prepared to provide. The serious injury suffered by anyone aboriginal in Canada is nothing more than an empty rhetoric of comfort.

Despite this, Trudeau is still good at conveying the solemnity of organization through artificial and performance empathy.

Recall that the jejunal prime minister knelt on one knee amid the convenience of the media, and allegedly supported anti-racism after broadcasting a series of photos and videos of adult Trudeau’s repeated blackface of racism. The “fate of black people is also fate” movement. .

Therefore, when Trudeau’s initial response to the discovery of the mass grave was accused of being inappropriate and inappropriate, according to the prompts, he ordered the Canadian flag to be lowered to half mast on the Ottawa Peace Tower and other federal buildings. .

This symbolic instruction not only aims to appease critics, but also shows that Trudeau and the country are united in grief and memories.

This is another boring and unconvincing performance.

One day later, on May 31st, Trudeau strengthened his remarks, presumably to impress the indigenous “communities”, and he actually felt their pain.

“These children deserve to be happy. Most importantly, they should be safe. As a father, I cannot imagine what it would be like to let my children leave me. As the prime minister, I feel the shameful policy of stealing indigenous children from their communities Shocked,” he said.

Ironically, Trudeau’s remarks-designed to promote his caring father’s qualifications-largely confirm his hypocritical character and disgusting double standards for the sanctity of life.

Remember, during the 11-day relentless bombing of Gaza by Israel in May, which killed 66 children, maimed, traumatized and orphaned — all of them should be happy and safe — Trudeau never Said that he was “shocked” by Canada’s dear friends and allies for another terrorist attack on the besieged Palestinians.

Please also remember that Trudeau has never sympathized with the grieving Palestinian parents as a “father”. They had to bravely (not imagine) their sons and daughters being suddenly and violently “taken away” by ruthless people, the occupying forces. The “shameful policy” intended to prosecute apartheid.

Although the time and distance are separated, this is an unavoidable fact. It will be the children killed by Israel in the prison called Occupied Palestine and the indigenous children killed by Canada in the prison once called “boarding school”. Linked together: their murderer thinks these children are disposable.

Of course, Trudeau will never admit this fact, because he prefers to make up pleasant, postcard-like myths about who and what he is.

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