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Claire King of Emmerdale revealed that a despicable TV director took her to a hotel room for “casting”

Emmerdale actress Claire King revealed that before joining the ITV soap opera, she withdrew from casting several times because the dirty director tried to seduce her. v Once, she was invited to a hotel room by a well-known person in the industry.

Recalling that ordeal, she told the Sun on Sunday: “I have been casting a few times and I thought,’This is not right, why am I in a hotel room? Why am I not in the office or studio?

“This is a huge threat of extortion, unless you…otherwise you will not be able to get this job… I don’t think there is any job worth doing that, because I have principles. But there is always someone behind you who is willing and someone to fill you up. Boots.

“I was strong enough to say,’I don’t need to be that serious, I leave here.’ I have never been suggested because I will never let it go that far.

“But many of my friends were recommended by the producer, and many of my friends ended up in a cunning situation. Now it still happens.

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