Dick Strawbridge, who fled to the castle, made a very cheeky comment on his wife Angel’s underwear

After escaping to the castle star Dick Strawbridge (Dick Strawbridge), his wife Angel (Angel) revealed a very cheeky underwear details, which made her blush.

The couple allowed fans to visit their blooming walled garden, and Angel Adoree, 43, admitted that she had been enjoying “pottery art”.


Dick made a brazen mockery of Angel’s suspenders in the clipCredit: @the_chateau_tv

TV personality Dick, 61 years old, Participate behind-the-scenes work with his wife and their children Dorothy and Arthur ‘One night’ video.

When the former officer revealed that Angel had become a keen gardener, he joked that she had to take off certain clothes for outdoor activities.

“Angela is a hidden gardener now,” Dick joked to the camera, then turned to her and added: “You have been working out here on Sundays.

“When we have some time with the children on Sunday, you will pottery in the garden here-come on, we are listening to you.”

Angel tells fans how she enjoys the garden


Angel tells fans how she enjoys the gardenCredit: @the_chateau_tv
She said she has "Pottery" on


She said she was “talking endlessly”Credit: @the_chateau_tv

Encourage his wife to open up and talk about his new hobby, and when she tells her fans that she “likes” gardening, he embraces the angel with love.

“I really like doing pottery in the garden-I don’t have to be told to do things, such as weeding,” Angel began to say when Dick interjected, “My work here has been completed.”

At that time, he revealed that his wife’s gardening attire was a little different from her usual appearance—brudgingly mentioned her underwear.

Dick said: “You can go from the east end of London and take her away-you take off her stilettos and high heels and get rid of the old suspenders.”

Angel and Dick are joking in the walled garden


Angel and Dick are joking in the walled gardenCredit: @the_chateau_tv

“You can let her work in the garden in boots. How stupid am I?”

Before Angela described how she was trapped in “and nature”, including building a roof garden, the pair of cheeky moments passed by with a smile.

“I totally thank you [Dick]Because before we came here, nature was, I like it, but take a walk in Victoria Park or the canal,” Angel continued.

“But when we were in London, it was nature,” Dick commented, and his wife added: “And it’s very beautiful. We have a roof garden with a shed. But look, this is the sweetheart of your area. ”

They showed impressive labor results


They showed impressive labor resultsCredit: @the_chateau_tv

In the background, Dorothy and Arthur play Dick describing the plants they grow, including tomatoes, cucumbers and peas.

Their latest behind-the-scenes video was released after the original episode of “Escape from the Castle” broadcast on Channel 4, and one of the family members found a big problem.

In an episode last week, Dick Strawbridge gasped and said “we fuck” after discovering the “hopeless” problem With his huge possessions.

For the past five years, the camera has been recording the couple’s renovation of the 19th-century castle.

Their two children joined the garden


Their two children joined the gardenCredit: @the_chateau_tv

Dick talked about the challenges of refurbishing a property of this size, which has 12 acres of land, 7 outbuildings, 5 floors, 45 rooms, 6 chimneys and 15 fireplaces.

When they discovered the number of windows in the castle, they were stunned-leaving Dick panicked and exclaiming “we are the fuck”.

Dick said: “If you multiply by 20 pounds-any of these numbers, you will get today’s cost. The total is close to 47,000 pounds-50,000 francs is equivalent to 100,000 pounds.”

He added: “If you think today, if you have a piece of land and you spend £1,000,000 to build something, you can never hope to get something this big.”

The huge castle needs repairing windows


The huge castle needs repairing windowsCredit: @the_chateau_tv

This episode explores the origin of the manor and explains that the castle is a gift from the young single Baglioni to his wife.

The French may have abandoned these landmarks, knowing what they are. And his first goal-windows. ”

Dick discussed the cost, and he said: “Amortizing the £1,000,000 expenditure to the six years it took to build it, we have almost nothing.

“We have skills-you have skills, not me!” Angel smiled, and her husband replied, “And working hard.”

Although the two had only a meager budget, in the following seven seasons, the venue has been transformed into a wedding venue and a booming business.

After an amazing restoration, the public can now Book a castle for their own wedding.

Dick Strawbridge (Dick Strawbridge) who fled to the castle was taken aback after discovering the “hopeless” problem of property

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