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Crown jewel

Royal constellations-from the Queen to Meghan Markle, the following is the zodiac’s evaluation of their compatibility

In any case, it can be said that this is a bit like a royal war for the most famous man in Britain. family recent.

However, with so many different constellations, we cannot say that we are surprised.Let’s take a look at the royal Zodiac And find out how the stars explain prosperity and depression.

Queen: Taurus

Strong, elegant, occasionally stubborn, not surprising queen Is an Taurus.

She will never give up her country and her people, and will always strive for the best (harmoniously).

In an unfavorable year, the monarch adhered to the principles of diligence and reliability, while always respecting tradition.

Sign her least likely to get along? Leo…

Meghan Markle: Leo

Not known for queuing, Leo Like to be pushy and often works in the entertainment industry.

Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan became famous as an actor, activist and blogger before meeting with Prince Harry in 2018.

Fire signs are known for their strong protection of their pride, and it seems that Megan will do his best to protect the people she loves.

Leo is also the least likely to get along with the Queen’s Taurus. Awkward.

Prince Harry: Virgo

Unlike Leo, Virgo who pays attention to details and obeys the rules does not like to stay away from the spotlight for fame and fortune.

Now you may think that this will not make the Sussex couple an unlikely match, but by accepting each other’s differences, Meghan and Harry can actually play to each other’s best advantages and become true power couples. Oprah, anyone?

Harry will protect his wife’s reputation at all costs, and he believes it is his moral duty to do so.

Prince William: Cancer

William is intuitive, emotional, family-loving and sensitive-these are typical characteristics of Cancer.

He is also good match To his Capricorn wife Kate. According to Tarot Queen Kerrigin: “Together they bring a relationship that the other lacks, and together they are stronger than either party.”

Cancer William will undoubtedly find that the recent attention to his family is very uncomfortable, and he prefers to keep family affairs out of the door.

Kate Middleton: Capricorn

Celebrating their 10 years-Anniversary This month the royal couple is still the perfect zodiac match, proving that the opposite sex attracts Cancer and Capricorn.

According to Tarot Queen Kriging, this dynamic combination helps the pair to fit together perfectly. It is written on the stars!

“Cancer and Capricorn ignite powerful forces, opposites attract chemical reactions, and these two draw them together, keeping things alive and interesting over the years,” Kerry said.

Prince Charles: Scorpio

Prince Charles has been passionate about all his interests throughout his life, both royal and non-royal, especially in the environment.

Scorpio is known for stubbornness, and they are not afraid to stand up for their faith, whether it is love or otherwise.

Scorpio and Charles’s wife Camilla’s Cancer are a perfect match. They are emotionally, physically and intellectually connected.

Once a connection is established, this relationship tends to last for a period of time.

Princess Beatrice: Leo

Princess Eugenie’s sister, Princess Beatrice, is a self-confident and generous natural leader.

Last July, she married her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, which must be one of the quietest royal weddings ever, due to the restrictions of the new crown virus.

As a pushy Leo, this won’t be the princess’s first choice, but she stole the show with her beautiful red mane and beautiful wedding dress, which she borrowed from her grandmother Queen.

Princess Eugenie: Aries

As Aries, the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson is confident, brave and optimistic.

She married her Taurus husband Jack Brooksbank in 2019, and the two welcomed their son August in February this year.

Although the life rhythms of Aries and Taurus are different, Aries will move forward bravely, and Taurus will take time. Once love is solidified, it will become as solid as a rock.

Zara Tyndall: Taurus

Like her grandmother, Princess Anne’s daughter Zara is also a Taurus, which makes her firm, hardworking and strong.

Zara dedicated her life to horseback riding and represented Britain in the 2012 Olympic Games.

She is now the mother of three children, and she lives with former football player Mike Tindall.

Princess Diana: Cancer

Princess Diana is very private and caring, and she is a true Cancer.

Severely affected by the emotions of herself and the people around her, this down-to-earth princess prefers to live in private.

Princess Diana’s commitment to charity work is the ultimate example of how to handle business in an unparalleled way.

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