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Bitpanda, a European-based Crypto Exchange Company, Today announced the launch of the Bitpanda white label, opening its infrastructure to B2B2C partners and customers. This enables fintech companies, traditional banks and online applications to create their own fully digital investment platforms; with the look and feel of their brands, based on Bitpanda’s technological infrastructure. The entire Bitpanda infrastructure can be provided as a white label product, from encrypted transactions to custody or wallet services.

API driven infrastructure

White label partners can connect their native applications to Bitpanda’s backend through a set of APIs. Their users can still interact with the front end of their familiar partners. Bitpanda executes transactions and establishes asset custody in the background. The entire user experience, from researching assets through the asset information screen to investing, or portfolio monitoring to reselling assets, all happens in the local mobile application under the partner’s existing brand.

“Each partner is different, with unique distribution channels and existing user groups. This is why we do not rely on a one-size-fits-all setting, but create many technical modules from which our partners can choose; and then combine Get up to create a trading service that suits their specific needs. This allows our partners to customize the user’s onboarding, trading, and payment processes for themselves. Either connect to Bitpanda through a service-specific API or rely on our front-end SDK service.”
– Bit Panda Team

Regulatory status

Partner companies can take advantage of Bitpanda’s status and status as a registered virtual asset service provider (VASP) of Austria’s FMA French AMFIn addition, Bittpanda is a MiFID II investment company and holds PSD2 payment service provider license; The company also supports a KYC process that is fully compliant with AML5 standards.

BitPanda White Label

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