As Havertz started playing for the Germans, streaming media, TV channels, kick-off times and team news warmed up for the Euro 2020

Before the big kick-off, Germany played against Latvia in the final Euro 2020 warm-up friendly match.

Joachim Low’s team was defeated by Denmark in their last friendly match and will join France, Portugal and Hungary in the finals in the group of deaths.

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When is Germany vs Latvia?

  • This friendly international event will be held on Monday, June 7.
  • Düsseldorf’s kick-off time is British summer time at 7.45 pm.
  • The last time these two countries met was at the 2004 European Cup, where they drew 0-0.

Which TV channel and live broadcast can I watch?

You can broadcast the game live Sky Sports Football.

Coverage will start at 7.30pm 15 minutes before KO.

If you want to watch and don’t have a Sky subscription, you can buy a TV pass now from £9.99.

Keep up to date with all the actions of the international friendly match tonight…

  • Germany 2-0 Latvia

    21. Gundogan picked up the ball outside the penalty area, the ball was blocked, but the rebound returned to his side, he hit the ball in the upper left corner!

    The lore of Manchester City’s midfielder! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • the goal! ! ! ! ! ! ! Germany! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Germany 1-0 Latvia

    19. Haverts made a cross from the left, and Gosens crossed the goal! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • the goal! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Germany! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Germany 0-0 Latvia

    16. Germany is still under control, but is trying to create any clear opportunities.

    Latvia is trying to get rid of their halftime, but the defense is very good.

  • Germany 0-0 Latvia

    13. Germany patiently probed and passed the ball waiting for an error in the Latvian defense.

    So far, the away defense is very good.

  • Germany 0-0 Latvia

    10. Continued pressure from the Germans, they are recovering the ball and nailing Latvia in their own half.

    So far, the home team is still missing the last goal.

  • Germany 0-0 Latvia

    7. It is still all Germany, Latvia is trying to get rid of half of itself.

    Especially Kimmich is making a bridge for the Germans, he has always hoped to play in Mueller.

  • Germany 0-0 Latvia

    5. Germany is dominating the game and passing the ball very fast.

    The home team has complete control and looks comfortable on the ball.

  • Germany 0-0 Latvia

    2. Chance! Muller made a pass in Cross’s defensive cross. He hit the ball for the first time, but Ozos made a save!

    Start at home!

  • PEEEEEEEEEP !!!!!!

    The first half is underway! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Neuer Guardian of Honor

    German players formed a guard of honor for Neuer, and the goalkeeper made his 100th appearance tonight.

  • 5 minutes

    There are 5 minutes to kick off! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • 10 minutes

    10 minutes to kick off! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • Gint in his place

    “Whether it is here or at the club level, I have always been a central defender. Obviously, there may be situations where you have to take on different roles in the tournament. I will not be stuck in one position. I just try to behave and do me well. work.”

  • Ginte Tactically

    “I feel at home in the position of three or four guards. I am not committed to any system, things are always smooth in the game. Obviously there are differences. As a central defender, I can participate more in our three-back offense.

    “But I think the important thing for the game is that we have the ability to play several systems.”

  • Newhouse in Latvia

    “This is an important game because this is the last game before the start of the European Cup. Everyone wants to play their best level again. We think this is an important game and we definitely want to win.”

  • Cross on the Euro

    “In terms of the will and intensity of training, everything looks good, but this does not guarantee the success of the game. The important thing is that we are tactically better than the past few games.

    “When the game starts, we will be able to see whether the work we have done in the past two weeks has worked. By the time our first game against France, there will be no more room for experimentation. It will be difficult.”

  • Werner in the game For the place

    “When you come here after winning the Champions League, of course you want to play. But we have a lot of depth, and many players have won the Champions League, maybe even several times.

    “Everyone who is selected will go all out, who does not support the others. This establishes a team spirit that can lead us through the European Championships. Everyone needs it.”

  • Werner in Latvia

    “For us Chelsea players, this is a question of integrating into the team. Friendliness is very important to help us get into its swing.

    “The rest of the team has been training five or six days longer than us. This may be different. Now we must resume our workload. The friendly matches will help us practice the game.”

  • Haverts talks about his role in the team

  • Competition data (continued)

    The aforementioned trio and Tony Kroos are the four surviving members of the German World Cup champion team. They were also part of the German team that reached the 2016 European Cup semi-finals, along with Emre Can, Bernd Leno, Joshua Kimmich and Leroy Sane.

    Murciala is the youngest player in Germany’s Euro 2020 squad. He turned 18 in February.

    Gnabry has scored 15 goals in 20 international matches.

  • Game data

    Mueller won his 101st senior cap in the game against Denmark two years, six months and fifteen days after representing Germany in the European League of Nations last time.

    The 2014 World Cup champion Hummels experienced the same waiting time between his 70th and 71st appearances.

    Neuer will become the 13th player in German history to make 100 appearances in international competitions, even though he is the first goalkeeper.

  • The camp atmosphere is low

    “The situation is different from 2018. There was a certain amount of negative sentiment in the air at the time, but the situation has not been so bad in the following years.

    “The atmosphere is really active now. We have older players, many young boys, and players in between. The boys respect each other and get along well with each other. I can feel that they have something in common. Ambition.

    “We have a lot of exchanges of different points of view. I’m glad we talked about a lot of things we can improve. I think this is very positive.”

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