After losing to the Eagles in Game 1, what is the chance that the 76ers will advance and win the NBA championship?

The first game of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the 76ers and the Eagles was full of surprises.

It’s like Joel Embiid (Joel Embiid) not only plays ball-his injured knee looks perfectly healthy- And also scored 39 points.

Or that Philadelphia, its MVP candidate, fell behind by more than 20 points in the first half, Defense looks terrible.

In other words, the Eagles set the team’s playoff record of 20 three-pointers, and the 76ers scored 22 times.

Or the 76ers somehow got back into a possession with a few seconds left, and then finally staggered.

Usually in the NBA, the first game is a very important thing. To be sure, losing at home is not a good thing, but historically, the first away winner lost the next game. In 2001, the 76ers (they reached the NBA Finals) lost the first game of the round, and everything went well. They were also on the other side in the Finals, when they beat the Lakers away in the first game and then lost the next four games in a row.

In terms of value, according to the odds, the 76ers are the five-point favorite in the second game. Compile in Pickswise.

However, the question for the 76ers is about how much work Embiid can handle and the talented team that leads after Philadelphia handled the Eagles-this is far from a foregone conclusion because they are 1-0 behind in the series-the 76ers The team’s odds to enter the finals, not to mention winning the championship, were hit hard.

Starting the series as a -190 favorite, the 76ers — after losing 128-124 on Sunday — are losing confidence in analyzing nerds. At The Eagles were listed as having a 59% chance of winning in the second round, although the Philadelphia team had a 20% to 19% advantage over them in terms of their chances of reaching the Finals. Philadelphia’s 9% NBA championship odds put them in fifth place behind the Nets, Jazz, Clippers and Suns.

Ringtones too Use advanced indicators In an attempt to predict the winner of the NBA playoffs, the setback in Philadelphia’s first game gave the 76ers a 51% chance to surpass Atlanta (10% chance of winning). Believe it or not, their most likely outcome is the 76ers (22%), followed by the 76ers (18%) and the Eagles (16%).

The 76ers began their playoff journey with an NBA championship odds of +800.Before the start of this round, those climbed slightly to +700, but They have fallenAccording to MGM through Pickswise, it reaches +1400. They are four teams behind, now five behind, and the Suns are ahead of them. No, the Eagles are still a huge loser at +2000, the worst of the remaining teams.

What does all this mean? Well, as far as dealing with the Eagles, the 76ers are still in good shape, but the long-term impact of Embiid’s injury and the playoff dominance of other teams competing for the NBA championship make odds-setters doubt their way. The ability to walk.

But this is why they play games. The second game will be played at 7:30 on Tuesday night-all of this may change again for a dime.

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