After Chris Harrison’s dramatic exit, Tehia and Caitlin host Katie’s season

BACHELORETTE Katie Thurston finally met the qualified bachelor who wanted to win her heart this season.

When she met the men one by one, they used various props and pranks to attract her attention.

A man jumped out of a ball pit on the truck bed. The other is in a huge box. Another person pulled his (hopefully clean) underwear out of his pants as a prank.

In true single ethnic fashion, there are many passionate makeup courses this season, and of course there are many explosive dramas.

Katie, Who appeared in Matt James The season of the bachelor is the marketing manager and viral TikTok star from Washington.

Single girl spoilers Has been all over the internet and blogging reality Steve believes he knows who is The last four In her season will be.

Katie became a fan favorite on the show Greet Matt with a vibrator During his season her limousine entrance.

Despite their connections, Matt eventually chose Rachel Kirk ConnellSince the bachelor’s ending, their relationship has been unstable, but the two seem to be Come together again And stronger than ever.

Kirkconnell (Kirkconnell) after a photo reappeared, she wore Pre-war style dress In controversial Pre-war plantation theme party.

Scandal led to Chris Harrison fired After he publicly defended Kirk Cornell when he was very nervous and uncomfortable Interview with former bachelor Rachel Lindsay.

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  • Katie playing hockey with the men

    After the first round of chat, Katie played hockey with the men.

  • Katie says men are nervous

    Katie said she “thinks that men are more nervous than her.”

    When she was talking to Greg, she stopped to comfort him and asked him if he was nervous.

  • Katie is fascinated by men

    A person named Thomas told Katie that he was glad she was such a person.

    “I can say that he is a great person, I am very impressed,” Katie said.

  • Lots of pranks and sexual puns

    A man pulls his (hopefully clean) underwear from his pants. The other gave her a stuffed fish. A person dressed up as a cat-tail and so on.

    There are also many sexual puns.

    A man said that he was under a lot of pressure during Covid, and he had to “smooth” it. Then he took out his paintbrush.

  • Katie smiled when she saw the man

    Katie joked that all people are “ten people.”

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  • Katie said she would “absolutely kiss someone” tonight

    “I would definitely kiss a man on the first night,” Katie admitted to Tehia and Caitlin.

    The single schoolgirls took Katie to the lane where she met the man.

    “Let the journey begin,” they said in unison.

  • TAYSHIA and KAITLYN surprise KATIE and other men

    “We have been in Katie’s shoes,” Caitlin said secretly behind her as she waited for the man.

    The two provided Katie with advice and gems of wisdom on the show.

    “Don’t leave them out the first night,” Caitlin suggested.

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  • Katie’s friend and co-host show up

    Former bachelors Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe are ready to help Katie through the process.

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  • Katie was introduced as “sexually active”

    Katie is probably one of the sexiest single girls we have ever seen.

    The introduction to the season’s premiere shows a montage of men talking about why they are so happy to meet Katie.

    “You don’t need this,” a man said, holding a vibrator in his hand.

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  • Let the “drama” begin!

    The season premiere of Katie Thurston’s Bachelor Girl season begins now. The show airs on ABC at 8pm Eastern Standard Time/7pm Central Standard Time.

  • Katie doubles expectations of men

    In the trailer, Katie tells the men to leave if they “are not here to get engaged.”

    “If you didn’t come here for the right reason, it’s the door,” she said.

    Credit: ABC

  • Trucks and vans are all available

    Another man appeared to enter the RV.

  • The men pull all the stunts for their entrance

    A man entered in a red pickup truck with fireworks.

  • 30 suitors compete for Katie in this season premiere

    “How do you get the attention of the new bachelor Katie Thurston? Thirty people are about to find out if they have the correct answer,” ABC teased.

    The trailer for the premiere on Monday showed the men entering the season with tons of props and skills.

    “Katie is ready to meet her man; 30 lucky potential suitors are doing their best to get her attention before the first rose ceremony,” the website said.

  • Former bachelor returns to guide Katie’s season

    ABC announced that single alumni Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams will join Katie’s season as friends and mentors.

    Caitlin is the protagonist of the 11th season of The Bachelor Girl, and Tehia is the 16th season.

    “With the help of former bachelor girls and mentors Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, Katie is ready to meet her man,” ABC’s location Say.

  • Fans fell in love with Katie’s “serious attitude” towards bachelors

    When Katie participates in the game Matt James In the bachelor season, she quickly became famous for bullying.

    “Katie Thurston started her journey of finding love with her charm, wit and seriousness. Fans fell in love with this attitude during her appearance in “The Bachelor,” said the ABC website. Her this season.

    Katie became a fan favorite on the show Greet Matt with a vibrator During his season her limousine entrance.

  • Season premiere trailer prompts “big box”

    The trailer for the season of Katie’s “Single Girl” hints at a lot of romance and drama, and fans of the series love these every season.

    This trailer It also implies a “huge box” that someone will jump out, although we can’t see who it is.

  • When will the show air?

    Katie Thurston’s single season will premiere tonight.

    The show airs on ABC at 8pm Eastern Standard Time/7pm Central Standard Time.

    The new episode will be broadcast on ABC the next day website And gourd.

  • BACHELORETTE Katie Thurston will debut her season tonight

    Single girl Katie Thurston and her 30 burly suitors will spend the upcoming season at a luxury hotel in New Mexico.

    The 30-year-old girl and her admirers have been filming at the five-star Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, which is completely closed to the public.

    A staff member of the resort revealed to The Sun that the bachelor girl producer had rented the “entire” property.

    The insider added that the resort and spa are “not currently open to the public.”

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