Activists and tribal groups prepare for Minnesota pipeline protest | Business and Economic News

Activists and tribal groups opposed to Onkyo Energy’s replacement of the aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline plan to stage a large-scale protest in northern Minnesota on Monday.

Environmental and tribal groups oppose Enbridge Energy’s efforts to replace its aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline in the United States. They plan to hold a large-scale protest in northern Minnesota on Monday as the Canadian company is preparing for the final construction.

Organizers stated that they expected hundreds of people to attend the “treaty gathering”, which they described as the biggest performance of resistance to the project to date. They plan to travel to the source of the Mississippi River, which is one of the pipeline crossing points, where they will give speeches and participate in organized civil disobedience.

Opponents of the project said they will prevent its completion at all costs, even if it risks being arrested. They said the actors who will appear on Monday include actors Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Rosana Arquette and Taylor Schilling, as well as environmentalist and writer Bill McKidney.

Line 3 transports Canadian crude oil from Alberta. It caught a corner of North Dakota on its way through northern Minnesota to Ambridge Pier in Superior, Wisconsin. Alternative parts of Canada and Wisconsin are already shipping oil. The Minnesota part is about 60% complete.

Opponents of the project say that this alternative pipeline that will transport Canadian tar sand oil and ordinary crude oil will exacerbate climate change and face Native Americans hunting, fishing, harvesting wild rice, collecting medicinal plants, and claiming treaty rights in sensitive areas Risk of leakage.

Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz told Minnesota Public Broadcasting News that he does not plan to deploy the United States National Guard during the event and said he does not want protesters to “interfere with legal construction or legal practices.”

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