“We just need to be louder”: Why this royal family wants to break the taboo surrounding women’s health

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In any case, this is a rare moment for senior members of the royal family.

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, was on the Internet a few days ago, talking easily and frankly about her menopausal experience, and what she thinks is the importance of talking publicly about these often taboo topics.

“I have always found that when we talk about women’s health, we actually talk about women’s issues or women’s issues first, which immediately makes it negative,” she said in a virtual chat because she accepted the royal sponsorship of Wellbeing of Women. British Women’s Health Charity.

“But with knowledge and choices, our destiny will be much better. I think it’s up to us to try to introduce this knowledge to women, understand the choices they have, and bring the subject open in some way.”

However, this does not always happen.

“We are all talking about having children, but no one is talking about menstruation, no one is talking about menopause. Why not?” Sophie wondered.

Watch | Sophie hopes to make women’s health out of the shadows:

“This is a very normal thing, but it is very hidden, I think it’s time to say enough. We need to… take it out and put it on the table.”

Sophie, 56, did just that, sharing her own experience of brain fog that may be part of the menopausal transition, and telling how she lost her mind during the royal engagement.

“That’s what you said. You stand there and say,’Wait a minute, I thought I was a pretty smart person. What happened to me?'” she said. “It’s like someone just left… how long you took your brain out before they put it back again, you try to pick up the pieces and move on.”

She suggested that menopause should be a time to celebrate women no longer menstruating. “It should be a relief. It feels like a shackle.”

Sophie emphasized that she believes that young women need to be educated about what happens to their bodies when they start menstruation, and just as importantly, what happens when these cycles end in about 40 years.

Sophie’s royal work also includes supporting victims of sexual violence in the conflict. She visited an informal tent settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley in 2019. (Victoria Jones/Getty Images)

Sophie’s frankness was praised by Dr. Jerilynn Prior, Professor of Endocrinology at the University of British Columbia.

“She is very down to earth. I am very impressed,” Prior said through Zoom from her home in Vancouver.

“what [Sophie’s recounting of her experience] Indeed, the experience of women is very important. They are not trivial, nor can they be ignored, they have a certain importance in the wider world.

“It says that women should understand their bodies, how they work, and especially the real close connection between how we feel about ourselves and our reproduction.”

Sophie is not the first well-known woman to speak publicly about menopause.Michelle Obama, wife of former U.S. President Barack Obama, spoke frankly about the hot flashes, and Praise it. Celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey Already written About how she found out that she was about to enter menopause.

Before, who ran Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research Center, Welcome to the high-profile attention of Sophie and other women.

“I think it allows other women to see that it is okay, and it can also be seen by men to talk about it. It’s like giving permission, otherwise it’s a social taboo.”

But Prior also sees the potential for more such interests.

“It requires not only Michelle Obama, but hundreds of women leaders in business, art, industry, health, and various fields to speak frankly and publicly,” she said.

Sophie gave all signs, and she will continue to speak frankly and publicly.

“We shouldn’t leave anyone behind in this matter, not just women and young girls. Men are also the same, I really think this is a conversation that must be open to everyone, even if they don’t want to listen.

“We just need to be louder.”

Scotland’s soft diplomacy

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, attended the official opening of a hospital in the Scottish town of Kirkwall during their recent visit to Scotland. (Chris Jackson/Associated Press)

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who were staying in Scotland, recently assumed all the hallmarks of their regular royal daily activities.

There are chats with children and charities, opportunities to see new technologies and remember good memories, including when they first met in St Andrews 20 years ago.

When they go to a land yacht, there are even some relaxing moments when they host a drive-in screening Crura, The staff of the National Health Service joined their audience.

But behind all this is a feeling that there may be more factors at work. Two high-profile members of the high-ranking royal family have raised strong concerns and faces about the Scottish monarchy. At the same time, about the independence of Scotland. Rumors of another referendum are still continuing.

Craig Prescott, a constitutional expert at Bangor University in Wales, said: “In a sense, everything the monarchy does is’soft diplomacy’, but the monarchy is an institution within the United Kingdom, although Has suffered recently, but still has widespread support,” said via email.

“Part of the reason is [is] The Queen’s mantra is “you must see it with your own eyes to believe in the monarchy”. The same applies to Scotland and the rest of the UK”

William and Kate boarded a yacht on the beach in St Andrews on a recent trip to Scotland. (Andrew Milligan/Associated Press)

William made sure from the beginning of the trip that his affinity for Scotland was obvious.in a Speech When he first served as the High Commissioner of the Church of Scotland, he talked about his strong attachment to this country.

He talked about how it became the source of his happiest and saddest memories.

“When I was told that my mother had passed away, I was in Balmoral. I was still shocked that morning and I found refuge in Crathie Kirk’s service,” he said.

“In the dark days of sorrow that followed, I found comfort and solace in the outdoor activities in Scotland. Therefore, I feel that the connection with Scotland will always be deepened.”

But it was his meeting with a former politician that sparked great curiosity about the political colors that might be at work.

William and Kate met with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who recently launched a campaign to maintain union unity.

Kate and William talked to young children when they met with fishermen and their families in Fife to learn about the work of the fishing community on the east coast of Scotland. (Chris Jackson/Associated Press)

Media reports after the meeting with Brown quoted Kensington Palace as saying that William met with a A wide range of people During his stay in Scotland, he heard the views of the community on independence issues.

However, politics still looms over the relationship between the royal family and the monarchy and Scotland. Sometimes it is almost impossible for observers to try to interpret this situation.

Within hours of the news that Kate was pregnant with their second child in 2014, British media is thinking about what this might mean Referendum for the upcoming independence of Scotland. (In the end, in that vote, the Scots rejected independence by 55% to 45%.)

The vote took place after the Queen’s remarks were widely seen as opposed to Scottish independence.

BBC Scottish political correspondent Andrew Kerr said: “It seems that it’s no secret that the royal family wants to keep the kingdom united. Maybe it’s also to protect themselves.” Writes on the BBC website.

“In other words-the meeting between the prince and the former prime minister may be even more innocent. Gordon Brown has been active in global health and education and has known Prince William for many years.”

“Politics is for politicians, not for princes”

Nonetheless, it is widely believed that members of the royal family should — and usually do — keep their distance from politics.

Prescott said: “Politics is for politicians, not for princes.” “There is another situation. [Scottish National Party] It is suggested that the Queen will become the head of state of an independent Scotland. in some meaning, [the monarchy] There is almost no benefit to getting involved. “

However, Prescott added that if the British government recommends the Queen to participate, difficulties may arise, which may be seen as interference and may be counterproductive, both for unionists and the monarchy itself.

An opponent of Scottish independence was holding a sticker depicting Queen Elizabeth in Edinburgh a few days before the 2014 referendum. (Ben Stanshal/AFP via Getty Images)

Prescott said: “We saw this when it was proposed within the British government that Prince Edward and Sophie could live permanently in Scotland and act as governor-general.”

“When this matter was made public, the idea was rejected by many people, especially on the independence aspect of the debate. This idea can be seen as lowering Scotland’s status in the UK, when the debate is about whether Scotland should enjoy an independent state, rather than Not its position in the union.”

Queen of Canada’s Lighthouse

On July 1, 2010, Queen Elizabeth participated in Canada’s National Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Buckingham Palace stated that the capital of the Commonwealth countries will light up the lighthouse in 2022 to commemorate her 70th anniversary as a monarch. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canada Press)

The lighthouse will be lit in Ottawa next year to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne.

It will be one of the lighted-up beacons in the capitals of the Commonwealth of Nations as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in 2022.

No other monarch has marked the Platinum Jubilee.a lot of Buckingham Palace announced plans The commemoration of this moment is similar to the celebration of other important milestones for the Queen-she was honored for her 50 or 60 years in power at the time. (However, the beacons of the Commonwealth countries will be new.)

The focus of the UK celebrations next year will be the Platinum Jubilee holiday weekend from June 2 to 5.

Another British Platinum Jubilee plan encourages people to plant trees in memory of the Queen.

A spokesperson said, Queen’s Green Canopy The movement stated that it “encourages sustainable planting of trees everywhere, and welcomes people from the Commonwealth countries and around the world to develop their own planting projects according to their wishes.”

Royal quote

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, met with 5-year-old Milla Sneden in Edinburgh on May 27, 2021. (Jane Barlow/Associated Press)

“Great. I have never met a real princess in my life.”

— 5-year-old Mila Sneddon (Mila Sneddon) is all smiles Meet Kate When she and William were in Scotland. Milla, who is undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia, had previously spoken with Kate on the phone after Kate’s photo was selected for the exhibition.

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