Two cabinet members of Alberta Governor Jason Kenney criticized his COVID-19 actions

Edmonton-Two cabinet members of Alberta Governor Jason Kenney publicly criticized his actions regarding COVID-19.

Rajan Sawhney and Leela Aheer refused to take on photos of drinks and dinner on the top terrace of a building near the Legislative Council grounds for what seemed to show Kenny and others were ignoring COVID rules Responsible and blamed.

The Minister of Culture and Multiculturalism, Aheer, said that Kenny should apologize, adding that it must be disappointing for those who have been following the rules to see the photos.

“I am confused, and just like you, I have been greatly hurt. I apologize for any pain, anger or frustration this may cause you,” Aheer wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

“All of us make mistakes, but this is a big mistake, and I’m really sorry.

“Our leader should apologize sincerely.”

Social Services Minister Sawhney said in a radio interview that she has been working hard to comply with COVID rules and keep her mother at a distance to ensure their safety.

“I would never do (what they did) in photos,” Sawhney told RED-FM in Calgary on Friday.

“I’m in my room, as the representative of (Calgary-Northeast), I don’t feel very good. I know what to do.

“I would say that if they make a mistake, they must accept it publicly. (This) photo clearly explains everything.”

Sawhney’s comments were published in Punjabi. Red-FM News Director Rishi Nagar provided an English translation.

On Friday, UCP member and deputy speaker Angela Pitt said that it was clear that Kenny’s dinner violated COVID rules.

Pitt wrote: “Most of the public’s concerns about this incident are about the hypocrisy of senior officials in breaching their own rules.” “Of course I can understand these concerns.”

UCP backbench member Dave Hanson (Dave Hanson) agreed with Pete’s comments and pointed out in a Facebook post on Friday that Kenny had previously promised to expel any members who violated the COVID rules from the caucus.

“I’m with you, Angela,” Hansen wrote. “Albertans are angry again, this is correct.”

Kenny’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

The picture of the dinner on Tuesday night was taken secretly from a distance and sent to the media anonymously. They depicted Kenny and the key members of his inner circle, including Health Secretary Taylor Sandro, sitting at a table on the deck outside Kenny’s temporary office in the penthouse of the Federal Building.

After learning that then Prime Minister Alison Redford had transformed it into a working residence with high end sound and furniture in early 2014, this penthouse suite was nicknamed “Sky Palace”.

Kenny insisted that the dinner was in compliance with public health regulations because there were no more than 10 people at outdoor social gatherings.

But he did not resolve the obvious violation of masks and distance rules. Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health, said that she was not there, so it is impossible to say whether she violated the regulations.

This is the third wave of back-seat dissatisfaction that Kenny has faced since the New Year, when he imposed disciplinary actions on some members who traveled abroad during the Christmas holiday and urged Albertans to stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID.

In April, 17 backbenchers publicly challenged Kenny’s health regulations, calling them unnecessary restrictions and counterproductive. He did not punish them for this, calling it “freedom of speech.”

Three weeks ago, Kenny’s core team members Todd Loewen and Drew Barnes kicked him out for publicly challenging Kenny’s health rules and leadership skills. They are now independents.

In her Facebook post, after the remains of 215 children were found at a former boarding school in Kamloops, British Columbia, Aheer also challenged Kenny’s views on abolishing culture

This discovery sparked a new debate on how to commemorate and honor historical figures such as John MacDonald, the first prime minister of Canada, as well as the designer of the boarding school system.

Last week, Kenny reiterated his aversion to the terrorist acts of boarding schools. For decades, thousands of Aboriginal children were taken away from their families, isolated and abused.

But Kenny said that MacDonald and many of Canada’s leaders are complex figures, sometimes pursuing racist and punitive policies, demolishing their statues or removing their names from public buildings will erase history itself. .

In her Facebook comment, Aheer said, “Changing the name of the school and educating people that these atrocities are not’cancel culture’.”

“By not acknowledging these atrocities and those responsible, the abolition of culture is what happened to our indigenous people.”

The Canadian Press report was first published on June 6, 2021.

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