The latest builds, updates, and live broadcast details of the Battle of Miami

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Hello, welcome to SunSport’s live report on Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul! Yes, you’re not mistaken.

50-0, retired, 44 years old, former five heavyweight world boxing champion, has the best defensive skills in the history of the sport, and will fight 0-1 YouTuber Paul.

However, YouTuber said that he is about 35 pounds taller than Mayweather…this is the most weight that Freud has ever given up.

Their star-studded grand event will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami later tonight until early Monday morning.

This fight will be an “exhibition”, and boxing fans have become accustomed to it in the past few years.

This means there are no record fills, no official winners, and only eight rounds. But there may be knockouts.

Both Mayweather and Paul promised to put each other to sleep, and this week is more likely because the glove size has been reduced from 12 ounces to 10 ounces.

The shadow of Mayweather-McGregor played there for a week, when they dropped to 8 ounce gloves after initially agreeing to 10 ounces.

That night did not go well for McGregor.

In addition to Mayweather Paul’s freak show, Jarrett Head, Badujak and Chad Johnson all acted on the hole cards.

This will not be your usual boxing match, so embrace madness now, otherwise you will find yourself shocked by these antics in the future.

Sit down, relax, and absorb the content. From now on, we will be with you until tomorrow morning at around 4 o’clock in the morning…


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