The first game of the 76ers against the Eagles: real-time updates, analysis, highlights, etc.

The 76ers will face the Eagles at 1 pm to start the second round of their latest playoff series, but the storyline surrounding this game is mainly about who might not be on the field-Philadelphia MVP candidate Joel · Embiid (Joel Embiid) dominates.

Embiid suffered a knee injury early in the fourth loss to the Wizards. This is the 76ers’ only loss so far, but the team rebounded in five games and expelled Washington.

The Eagles have done a short job for the Knicks in a surprising way, and are a fashionable choice to update the 76ers, especially if they Miss their big man for a long timeThere are reports that Embiid is daily, he may participate in the series on Sunday or later, but whether he will be 100% again this season is anyone’s guess.

We have already seen Some key duels Keeping an eye on the entire series, we will update Embiid’s status before the start of the game.

Before you dive into Kyle Neubeck’s post-match coverage of the first game, be sure to follow the live broadcast, right here, as the game progresses, check out all the highlights, analysis and footage:

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