“Sea Snot” on Turkish coast warns residents | Turkish News

The Turkish President has promised to save the Sea of ??Marmara from the “sea snot” outbreak, which shocked marine biologists and environmentalists.

Large amounts of marine mucus-a viscous, viscous substance composed of compounds released by marine organisms-bloom in Marmara, Turkey and the adjacent Black Sea and Aegean Sea.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the dumping of untreated waste into the Marmara Sea and climate change have caused sea snot to proliferate.

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, with approximately 16 million residents, and borders five other provinces, factories and industrial centers.

This year, Turkey’s marine mucus has reached unprecedented levels. On the coast of Istanbul and neighboring provinces, it is a slimy gray sheet above the water. Underwater video shows suffocated corals covered by it.

Marine experts say that human waste and industrial pollution are strangling Turkey’s oceans.

They say the rise in water temperature caused by climate change has caused this problem.

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