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Buyers say that PayPal’s purchase protection is hardly helpful for counterfeit goods

Earlier this year, when Sean Ralph bought a portable camping chair after seeing an ad on Facebook, he was relieved because he knew that the purchase would be protected by PayPal.

But when the camping chair arrived, the result was different from what was advertised, and Ralph said he was having trouble with the company’s refund process.

In order to get a full refund, he said PayPal told him that he needed to send the item back to the original supplier in China, which would be much higher than the cost of his initial purchase.

“This is a bait and switch,” he said. Ralph said: “Trying to ship it back to China is an investment time and time again, and you may or may not get a refund.” read more

Watch | The item does not match the advertisement:

Sean Ralph said he saw an online ad about a swing camping chair and thought it might be the perfect choice for relaxing after riding a mountain bike. Six weeks later, he received a small folding footstool-now he calls on PayPal to take more measures to protect customers. 2:06

Thinking about buying a new sofa?The price may have only quadrupled

If you plan to buy a new sofa, you may encounter some sticker shocks when you shop around.

Last month, Ottawa imposed new tariffs of up to 295% on upholstered furniture imported from Vietnam and China.

The move came after six Canadian furniture manufacturers complained that products from Vietnam and China were dumped into Canada at extremely uncompetitive prices. read more

Love Dodd runs Dodd’s Furniture, a household goods chain that has three branches on Vancouver Island and employs approximately 80 employees. He said the federal government’s tariffs on upholstered furniture imported from China and Vietnam are hurting his business. (David Malishev/CBC)

Amazon employees describe Ottawa warehouse’s lax enforcement of COVID-19 preventive measures

An Amazon employee said that working at the retail giant’s Ottawa warehouse during the pandemic was a nerve-wracking experience, citing allegedly neglected safety measures and dozens of employees who tested positive for COVID-19 example of.

The employee tested positive at the end of 2020 and was one of 500 people working at the Amazon distribution center in rural eastern Ottawa. CBC News has agreed to protect the identity of the sources because they fear losing their jobs due to talking to the media.

Although Amazon told CBC News that it has a strict zero-tolerance policy for anyone who violates COVID-19 procedures and works closely with the Ottawa Public Health Department, the employee said that the demand for warehouses has been growing since the pandemic began. , Which puts more pressure on workers. Avoid security protocols—especially when it comes to physical distance. read more

Watch | Amazon’s “Fear and Anxiety”:

An Amazon employee in an Ottawa warehouse said that working conditions have been unstable during the pandemic, and dozens of workers have tested positive for COVID-19. CBC News has agreed to protect the identity of the sources because they fear losing their jobs. 1:06

Is there anything else?

More Canadians are turning to cannabis to help cope with pandemic pressure
Increased stress, boredom, and loneliness are listed as reasons for marijuana use.

Treasury secretary blasted Air Canada for paying $10 million in executive bonuses while accepting bailout
The Minister of Finance said that “companies that receive funds from the government have a responsibility to act responsibly”

The Tepui Hybox Wedge roof tent was recalled due to potential injury hazard
Stop using the product and contact Thule Sweden AB for a full refund or free tent replacement.

Ottawa fines travellers who refuse to quarantine at hotel up to $5,000
An advisory team said last week that the hotel’s quarantine system was flawed.

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