Hawks rookie NFL player comparison: Landon Dixon

During the half-dead period of the offseason, we will compare each of the Hawks’ rookies with current NFL players.Earlier this week We start with DeVonta SmithToday we take a look at the second round of offensive striker Landon Dixon.

Dixon is abnormal in two ways:

  1. I cannot compare him with the serious injuries he suffered during his college career. (I will point out here that in terms of finding compensation, I have not considered injuries at all.)
  2. A 6’6, 333-pound center is not very common.

In terms of size, take a look at Dickerson’s spider diagram in the center:

As you can see, his height (96th), weight (98th), wingspan (90th) and palm size (91st) are at least in the 90th percentile. He is a monster.

One of the biggest starting centers in the NFL is Ryan Johnson For the Pirates, he is 2 inches shorter than Dixon, 6 feet 4 inches tall, and loses 13 pounds and 320 pounds. Like Dixon, Jensen has some positional diversity. Perhaps it is worth noting that the Ravens selected Jensen in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, when Andy Weidel was a member of the Baltimore Scouting Department.

If you watched the NFL playoff football game last season, it’s hard to miss Jensen. He is the one with long red hair, and he often fights with opposing defenders. As you can see in the following highlights (from his days in Baltimore), Jensen is tall, athletic, and very annoying.

Dixon’s playing style and intensity are reminiscent of Janson. The following is my friend Fran Duffy (Fran Duffy) of the wonderful video breakdown of the Dickerson game. I don’t remember that Fran laughed a lot during these breakdowns, but he laughed here several times because Dixon was able to put the defender on the ground. This might be worth a look:

“This defensive end will not end well, 29th.” Haha.

In any case, there are similarities between Jensen and Dickerson in terms of game style and ability to execute blocks. However, Dixon is likely to be a better pass protector than Jansen in 2020. ProFootballFocus allowed Jensen to be suspended four times. When I saw all Tom Brady’s sacks in 2020 (only 25 times), I would agree that there are four people on Jensen. For the center, this is a very High numbers, especially when you play in front of a quarterback like Brady who knows how to avoid being sacked.

According to his resume on the Alabama website, Dixon will not allow any sacks in 2020 (727 times in total), and he will only allow one sacks and four QB rushes in 2019.

If Dixon can stay healthy-of course, this is a big “if”-Jensen is his bottom line.

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