Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul faced smaller PPV wallets because fans demanded refunds after the Showtime app crashed

After Showtime’s streaming app crashed, FLOYD MAYWEATHER and Logan Paul each cut the number of pay-per-view views for their conflict, which could be hit hard .

The eight-round exhibition of the two is scheduled for On the broadcaster’s streaming app within a few hours.

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Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul cut PPV purchases for their fight may take a huge hitCredit: Getty

However, due to technical issues, many North American fighting fans are currently unable to watch the game.

The angry punter-who paid £35.31 ($49.99) for the exhibition-demanded a full refund.

An angry fan tweeted: “Why doesn’t my showtime application work?”

Another said: “Showtime doesn’t work. A fight has been ordered, and the $50 app doesn’t even work?”

Another person said: “The application crashed and cannot run. Please refund. It’s just a different place. Thank you.

Someone commented: “Dear Showtime, I want a refund. This is unacceptable. The unprofessional first flight has already happened, but my TV still doesn’t work, and the Showtime application doesn’t work.”

Another angry punter said: “I just paid $50 for a battle that I couldn’t watch. The app didn’t work and there was an error.

“Horrible app! I request a refund! #refund.”

The scale of the technical difficulties encountered by many of Showtime’s paying customers is currently unclear.

But if it is large-scale, Showtime will face the prospect of having to issue hundreds or even thousands of refunds.

And the single price of PPV is 35.31 pounds (49.99 US dollars), which is a large amount of cash, and the fighters-and Showtime-will eventually miss the opportunity.


? Mayweather VS Logan Paul: Where will the battle take place, on which TV channel and live broadcast?

Mayweather The game against Paul will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

This game will be Mayweather’s first game since taking office. Exhibited with Tenshin Nasukawa in December 2018.

YouTube sensation Paul Participated in the competition as a huge loser, but vowed to shock the world and make Mayweather lose for the first time in nearly 25 years.

He said: “I want to knock him down and become the greatest boxer on the planet.

“Then I’m going to retire instead of letting Freud rematch. He doesn’t know who he will play with.

“He really thinks I am a YouTuber. He really thinks I am a fake fighter. I understand.

“Everything I describe on the Internet is saying the same thing. But we are really about this kind of life now.

“Floyd underestimated that I would hurt him, I thought.

“If you think about it, this is indeed one of the most special and historically significant events in history.

“You have one of the greatest boxers of our generation, fighting, uh, me.”

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul-live broadcast, date, UK start time, TV channel, loop walk and hole cards in Miami

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