Coronavirus News The latest from the UK: The government “opens up” until June 21 and is delayed because the Delta variant believes that Covid cases have increased by 65% ??within a week

The government is “absolutely open” to postpone the lifting of the blockade on June 21-Britain’s complete freedom is pending

Matt Hancock emphasized on Sunday that June 21 is a date “not earlier than” and that it is only “confirmed” as the next step in lifting the blockade.

Mr. Hancock admitted that the emergence of the Indian variant makes the “calculation” of whether to continue unlocking this month “more difficult”.

He also revealed that the latest scientific suggestion is that this mutation (also known as the Delta variant) has a 40% higher transmission rate than the Kent strain, and hinted that social distancing may continue to the final stage of the Prime Minister’s roadmap

Before that, some people claimed that the government was “making other options” before deciding whether the end of Covid restrictions on June 21 will continue.

“Freedom Day” on June 21 May be postponed to July 5 To ensure that all people over the age of 50 receive the second vaccine.The source toldIndependent television newsthatIs making a planPostpone it for two weeks.

Recent data indicate that this mutation is twice as likely to cause hospitalization because “Freedom Day” on June 21 is pendingA report from the Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom showed that Indians who tested positive coronavirus The risk of the variant requiring hospitalization within 14 days is 161% higher.

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