The car crashed in a Las Vegas restaurant and hit customers in the restaurant next door. The video shows

Las Vegas (class) – On Sunday, a car collided in an upcoming restaurant in Las Vegas-the video showed that it almost broke through the walls of an adjacent restaurant before stopping.

Restaurant owner Rochelle Hodge said that the accident further delayed her grand opening (scheduled in mid-June), but she was happy that no one was injured.

For Hodge, the owner of two roasted gourmet potatoes, starting from a typical Sunday, things have become very different. Her company has been serving customers elsewhere for many years and will open its first store on June 15.

Then, on May 30, a car rammed in through the front door. It ended up completely inside the building.

Surveillance video from Paulie’s South Street Steaks, a restaurant next door, showed that the car hit a wall shared by the two companies. Two people sitting at a table by the wall were having lunch.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

As of Friday, Hodge’s space still showed signs of collapse.

“Here will be a customer sitting there,” Hodge explained to KLAS, and she planned to place a seating area near the front door. If Twice Baked is turned on, a person may have been sitting in the path of the car and killed.

“I think everything is for a reason, because please remember that if we are open and our employees and customers are there, it will be a tragedy,” Hodge said.

A car drove all the way into Twice Baked’s new space and crashed into a wall between the restaurant and its neighbors. (KLAS)

“I’m glad she didn’t open the door because it could easily lead to death,” said Paulie’s co-owner Mersinger. “I am very happy that our customers were not harmed.”

The space surrounded by dust and debris is now full of hope.

“This is just a speed bump on our road to success,” said Mercedes Fuller, the manager of Twice Baked. “That’s it.”

Hodge said she hopes to open her restaurant in August. Her original target date was February 2021, but due to the pandemic and licensing delays, the opening time was postponed to June.

A friend founded GoFundMe page Hodge helps her pay employees’ salaries and pay any other emergency expenses. She does have insurance.

Witnesses said that after the accident, the driver and passengers were safe. KLAS contacted the Metro Police for more details, but the request was denied. The records department cited the ongoing investigation as a reason not to release more details.

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