How to watch the “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse next week

Mark the calendar as Thursday, June 10, when the “ring of fire” solar eclipse will cross the sky.

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When the moon passes in front of the sun, a partial solar eclipse occurs. This year, the moon will not completely cover the sun, which will form a bright ring around the moon’s outline called the “ring of fire.” According to NASA.

The solar eclipse will be visible in the mid-Atlantic, including the Delaware Valley, as well as parts of the Northeast and Southeast and Midwest.

In Philadelphia, the largest solar eclipse will occur after sunrise at about 5:32 in the morning, lasting about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Scientists say not to look directly at the sun, but to use solar observation or solar eclipse glasses. It is not safe to watch the eclipse with ordinary sunglasses. According to NASA.

Stargazers are ok Create a pinhole projector From common household items, such as cereal boxes.

In order to watch the solar eclipse safely, you can watch the live broadcast of the event here:

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