“His life was taken from him”: A funeral for a 6-year-old child killed in a highway shooting

Orange County, California (KTLA) – A touching funeral was held for Aiden Leos on Saturday, the 6-year-old was killed in an apparent highway violent highway shooting when his mother drove him to California Kindergarten in Orange State.

The private service was held at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda for family and close friends and was broadcast live onlineThe public can also watch from the live broadcast outside.

At the opening ceremony, the boy’s mother Joanna Cloonan (Joanna Cloonan), decorated with white flowers, delivered a touching eulogy.

“You were taken away by us, it doesn’t feel right,” she said. “I just want to find justice, although it won’t bring you back to our arms. Such a precious and beautiful soul has no chance to continue to grow into a young man and start a family of his own, which makes me angry.”

“My precious son was deprived of his life for no reason,” the mother continued. “They took away his life and my heart.”

Standing above her son’s coffin, Kronan described the light in his eyes when he shared a joke, his smirk, the way he danced, the way he asked questions, and the way he always wanted to help others. She recalled how he would call his father and said, “Hi, Dad, it’s me, Aiden.”

She shared that he wants to become an entomologist when he grows up.

Keep looking for the gunman Kill Leo On May 21, in a shooting incident on Highway 55 in Orange, the boy sat in his booster seat.

According to Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer (Todd Spitzer), the reward for information that led to the capture and conviction of child murderers has increased to $500,000.

The California Highway Patrol described the suspect’s vehicle as 2018-2019 White Volkswagen Golf SportsWagen With colorless windows and skylights. After Leo was shot, it last appeared in McKinley on the riverside at 91 East.

Anyone who knows the gunman’s information is urged to send clues, call CHP’s Santa Ana office at 714-567-6000 or 800-TELL-CHP (835-5247).Tips can also be emailed to [email protected]. More information can also be found at aiden-reward.com.

Spitzer, Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner, Yorba Linda City Council members and award donors are all expected to attend the child’s funeral.

The family did not send flowers, but asked community members to donate to help the children mother with father.

At the funeral, the family thanked the community members for their support after the death.

The mother said: “In the past two weeks of losing my son and suffering unimaginable, I have witnessed a great deal of kindness emerging all over the world.” “Many of you touched my heart. You gave me in despair. Hope gave me the desire to fight. When I felt that I could not open my eyes to face this new reality.”

The mother shared Leo’s last wish and ended her eulogy.

“On his sixth birthday, when he blew out the candles, he looked at us and said,’I just want everyone to be happy.'”

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