Carol Vorderman showed off her charming figure in a crop top before putting on a transparent dress

Former countdown star Carol Vorderman (Carol Vorderman) is known for her amazing body makeovers in recent years, and now she shows off the results in a crop top.

This 60 year old Unable to decide what to wear today, she decided to ask her 463,000 followers on her official Twitter account.


Carol Vorderman (Carol Vorderman) caught attention on Twitter today due to the fashion dilemmaCredit: @carolvorders/Twitter

Carol shared two selfies of herself wearing completely different clothes.

First, she can be seen wearing a short khahi shirt, which she tied in the middle to show off her toned abdomen.

She paired the crop top with a tight brown skirt that stretched down her curved body to the middle of her calf.

With long dark brown hair hanging over his shoulders, Carol chose a pair of yellow knee-high heel boots to complete the look.

The former countdown star puts on a transparent dress


The former countdown star puts on a transparent dressCredit: @carolvorders/Twitter

In the second photo, she chose a long white transparent dress, which was also attached to her body.

Carol looks sexy in a tight dress because she can slightly see the yellow bra under her.

When she put her hands on her hips, she put on her long hair again, posing a storm.

In recent years, the 60-year-old has undergone a physical transformation


In recent years, the 60-year-old has undergone a physical transformationCredit:

Carol has smoky eyes and pink blush on his cheeks, and smiles from ear to ear in both photos.

She tweeted next to the photo: “I can’t decide what to wear this morning…cream dress or khaki suit?!!!?!!!

“I finally chose a skirt…FashionMaybes,” followed by three smiling emojis.

Carol’s fans immediately rushed to praise, someone wrote: “Don’t worry Carol… a garbage bag would be great to wear on you…”

Another tweet wrote: “You look great in these two clothes.”

“Absolutely amazing, you are beautiful! You all look great,” another man gushed.

Carol Vorderman (Carol Vorderman) wearing tight mesh leggings, showing enviable curves

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