Bitcoin price news live: Ethereum and Bitcoin rise because Twitter CEO supports encryption in Elon Musk’s “break up” meme

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey supports the future of Bitcoin, and he supports the importance of cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin absolutely changed everything,” Dorsey Yesterday at Bitcoin Conference 2021“I think there is nothing more important than this in my life.”

He added, “If I’m not in Square or Twitter, I’ll be working on Bitcoin. If [bitcoin] Need more help than Square or Twitter, I will leave them to Bitcoin. However, I believe that both companies can play a role. “

It appears in Elon Musk said he “missed” Bitcoin After yesterday’s market’s recent rebound stalled, several major coins plummeted.

This Tesla CEO Published a meme about a couple breaking up due to excessive quoting of Linkin Park lyrics.Mr. Musk Shared memes With “#Bitcoin” and a broken heart emoji.

with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano with Dogecoin After showing an upward trend for most of Friday, everyone fell again.The market trend is as follows Elon Musk A meme mocking the market downturn was posted on Twitter.

The billionaire CEO of Tesla-whose social media activities have driven the cryptocurrency market like anyone else-posted a couple breakup meme with the emoji of #Bitcoin and Broken Heart.

  • Explanation: What will happen to Bitcoin 2021?

    The two-day cryptocurrency event at the Mana Conference Center in Wynwood is expected to feature special guests, BTC activation, and “the opportunity to celebrate the world’s best technology with all Internet friends IRL.”

    Regular tickets cost US$1,500 and are now sold out.

    Visitors who spend USD 20,000 on the “Whale Pass” will get an extra day and various other benefits, such as celebrity suite tickets Mayweather VS Logan Paul The fight and Tony Hawk meet pass.

  • How much did Bitcoin fall on Friday?The latest value of Ethereum and Dogecoin

    According to CNET, as of 9 am Pacific time on Friday, Bitcoin had fallen by more than 4.5% to approximately $36,823.

    “Ethereum, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies also fell,” the report said.

    The value of Bitcoin plummeted further at the end of Friday to $37,772.

    By Saturday morning, It has dropped to $35,809.

    The Wall Street Journal added: “Ether fell 4.2% from the level at 5 pm on Thursday to $2,702.23. Dogecoin is another favorite of Mr. Musk, falling 4.7% to about 38 cents.”

  • Bitcoin bomb

    After Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk’s mysterious “breakup” tweet, the price of Bitcoin fell again today.

    Musk shared an emoji package on Twitter about the breakup on Thursday night, showing a couple who looked unhappy.

    Read more here.

  • How to spot crypto scams

    CRYPTO scams emerge endlessly on the Internet. We explained how to find them.

    • The promise of high returns or guaranteed returns – Does the offer look realistic? Scammers often make false promises to attract money.
    • Lots of marketing and promotional offers – If they use marketing techniques to deceive customers, you should be careful.
    • Unnamed or non-existent team members – Just like any business, you should be able to easily find out who is running it.
    • Check the white paper – Every crypto company should have a white paper. This should explain how it plans to grow and make money. If it doesn’t make sense, it may be because the founder is trying to confuse you.
    • Do your research – Check online comments and Reddit posts to find out what other people think.
  • Cryptocurrency dealer in hot water

    In an investigation initiated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Market Conduct Authority), it was found that as many as 50 companies engaged in cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin may be forced to close because they failed to meet the UK’s anti-money laundering regulations.

    It was announced yesterday that an “unprecedented number” of companies had withdrawn their applications for a temporary licensing program that allowed companies to continue trading until regulatory approval or rejection of their operations.

    Many companies fail to meet the anti-money laundering standards established to prevent criminal organizations from disguising their funding sources.

    FCA will impose fines or take legal action on companies that refuse to close their business.

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